100T NiceWigg believes “broken” Caustic is mandatory for ranking up in Apex Legends

Ranking up in Apex Legends is no small task as the higher you climb up the tougher it gets. But NiceWigg from 100 Thieves revealed the real key to reaching your desired rank in this battle royale.

Respawn entered the highly competitive battle royale genre with Apex Legends which is based on the same universe as their critically acclaimed Titanfall franchise of video games. Following its initial release back in 2019, this shooter garnered a massive dedicated player base.

As such, Respawn later added a ranked mode to keep the player base more engaged. Although this competitive ranked playlist can be daunting for new players since it plays differently than casual matchmaking.

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Players usually play with a bit more coordination as RP(ranked points) is up for grabs. One of the key factors to actually ranking up other than communication is by using meta legends. Over the years, the character meta in this game has changed drastically.

Caustic Apex Legends Ranked
Image via Respawn

Gone are the days when the trio of Wraith, Pathfinder, and Wattson used the dominate any sort of competitive ranked lobby. A more diverse character meta consisting of legends like Octane, Gibraltar, and Valkyrie has taken its place.

Caustic is broken right now

NiceWigg, a former professional Apex Legends player and content creator for 100 Thieves has revealed some insightful tips for Players who are hard stuck in a certain rank. According to NiceWigg, Caustic is truly broken right now in the current state of the game.

Nicewigg stated that in the ranked mode everyone usually likes to push other players when the zone is small. However, if the opposition gets a hint that there is a Caustic in that squad they are less likely to hard push that team.

Caustic is a great defensive legend with critical area-denial abilities. Having Caustic on your side in the last few zones is crucial to you actually ranking up. In short, the current meta in ranked is to play defensively in the zone and wait for unsuspecting teams to land on your Caustic gas traps.

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