NiceWigg became the first Apex player to reach predator with 2 different accounts on PC / Controller

NiceWigg reached predator with both controller and mouse+keyboard

NiceWigg from CLG just reached predator rank in Apex with 2 different accounts one on the controller and another one on a different smurf account with mouse/keyboard combo in the same ranked split.

While controllers aren’t the best option when it comes to FPS games, some players still do perform better with their preferred controller. Ever since Apex legends launched ranked mode back in season 2, there always has been one argument that you can witness between every Apex fan group. This particular conflict would always be centered around the age-old controller Vs mouse+keyboard debate and how one is better than the other.

NiceWigg in this current ranked split

NiceWigg Apex Legends
Credit: NiceWigg

With players like NiceWigg and Snip3down competing at the highest level, it was clear that a controller is a viable option in Apex Legends. Still many Apex fans condemned controller players on PC for relying too much on aim assist. Even when these players would actually perform really well, Apex Legends PC fan base would usually complain about how these controller players on PC can’t actually achieve anything without their aim assist.

Are controller players on PC really that bad?

NiceWigg, on the other hand, proved everyone wrong by not only reaching Predator with a controller but also with a mouse+keyboard combo. This actually proves a big point that actually being good at the game has enabled players like NiceWigg and snip3down to perform so well at the highest level.

While aim assist can be brutally one-sided at close range scenarios, players still need good in-game skills to actually be successful in Apex Legends. We can now at least find some closure with the controller/mouse+keybord debate. At the end of the day, it is all about personal preference. So, use whatever suits you best.

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