Controller players on Apex Legends are too overpowered

Apex legends pro players are complaining that the controller player on the PC version of the game is overpowered at close range.

Apex Legends pro community has been really vocal about the game’s new implementation of SBMM and other game-breaking issues. One of the issues that pro players are focusing on right now is controller players on the PC version of the game. On controller with aim assist enabled it is really easy to spray and beam people at close range encounters.

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Apex thrives on its close counter engagements. Most of the time in this game people fight in close range. While it is not so much of a problem at long to medium range, at close range players with similar skills the player that is plating on a controller with aim assist will more likely to win.

In the pro league, where balance and fair play is essential to the competitive health of a game having such an advantage will more likely to hurt the game. Many players are arguing that if the controller on PC is better why isn’t everyone playing the game on the controller instead of mouse and keyboard. Pro players are claiming that while the controller will give you an advantage at close range but on other circumstances, mouse and Keyboard is simply better.

Pro streamer Diego on the controller player

Players like Imperialhal and Diego are saying that at close range controller players are going to win 9 out of 10 times. Should controller players on PC be separated from mouse and Keyboard players to make the competitive environment fairer? Respawn has not responded to these comments.

After all, that looting on PC as a controller player is really hard. While on PC it is easier and more efficient to loot. How Respawn will confront this issue only time will tell.

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