Controller Players are Currently Dominating the Top 25 Apex Legends PC predator Rankings

Recent data has uncovered some interesting insights about the current top-ranked players in PC. Surprisingly, the majority of them are using controllers.

Although Apex Legends is a very famous game on consoles, a huge chunk of players owns this game on PC. The game has gained massive popularity since its surprise release in 2019 because of its fast-paced gameplay, incredible movement mechanisms, and other unique features.

From the beginning, there has always been a Controller vs. MnK (mouse and keyboard) debate among the Apex community. Which approach is superior in Apex, MnK, or Controller? While MnK players argue that controller players get superior aim assist, their counterparts contradict them by saying MnK players get movement-based advantages.

MnK players have been dominating the Apex Legends scene on PC for a long time because most players are used to the traditional FPS games. However, with the shift in meta and the increasing number of talented controller players on PC, the controller players on PC have increased lately.

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Controller Players are Dominating Current PC Ranked

Not only has the number of PC controller players significantly increased, but they are also dominating the top positions in Apex Legends Season 14 second split of Rankings.

In a recent data shared by Dwight, it is found that 18 out of 25 players on PC are playing with controllers, and only 3 of them are MnK players. However, the rest of the players were unverified whether they use MnK or controller, as Dwight mentioned they have “zero online presence.”

Even if we exclude the unverified players, more than 85% of controller players are dominating the top predator ranks.

Additionally, in the professional Apex Legends scene, there is at least one controller player on almost every team. It is also an indication that in high-ranked or pro lobbies, the aim is a more important mechanic than movement.

However, this is too soon to assume if this is a shift in meta or a mere coincidence. Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see if the trend will continue or not.

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