Controller Aim Assist is Once Again Under Fire as Controller Pros Dominate NA ALGS Leaderboard

12 out of 14 players in the ALGS NA leaderboard are currently running on controllers, making players wonder whether controller aim assist needs to be nerfed.

Controller aim assist vs. MnK has been a subject of debate in the Apex Legends community since the beginning. Whenever there is a controller vs. MnK topic comes up, the whole community gets into heated arguments arguing about which one reigns on top.

Apex Legends has always remained a favorite battle royale to most players due to its unique movement features. However, as Apex Legends is aging, movement is losing its attractiveness, and many pro players are switching to controllers.

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Controller Pros Reigns at ALGS Leaderboard in NA

ALGS Year 3 has already begun. Teams from different regions are trying to secure their slots in the Split 2 playoffs. Surprisingly, the NA ALGS Pro League Split One individual kill leaderboard has already been producing some startling statistics in just three days.

As C9PVPX showed, 12 out of the top 14 players on the leaderboard are controller players. ImperialHal, who recently made the full switch to the controller, is now in second place with 25 kills, trailing Rambeau in the first place, who has 26 kills.

The only two MnK players in the top 14 leaderboards are Crook from Atlanta Premier and Zer0 from DarkZero Esports who won last year’s ALGS Championship.

“There’s no debate, the proof is right in front of you, roller with sim assist is better than mnk without”, said a Reddit user named sktwocan on an identical thread in Apex Legends subreddit. Another user named Aldo92 said, “I do believe that aim assist is necessary but stats show how broken and overachieving it is. Balance is necessary.

Although Respawn previously addressed the issues with controller aim assists, no adjustments were ever made. So, whether Respawn will ever tweak controller aim assist or let Apex Legends evolve into a controller meta is still up for discussion.

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