Sexist Behaviors Targeted Toward Female Gamers are Taking Over Apex Legends

Recently many female Apex Legends players have raised their voices against sexist comments they regularly receive in the game.

Apex Legends encourages a diversified environment where every player and character is welcomed, included, and accepted. However, the reality is not always the same. Female Apex Legends players constantly get harassed and receive sexist remarks without any reason.

These forms of behavior toward female gamers have increased recently. There have been several complaints from female players about being harassed as soon as they open their mic. Sexist comments will inevitably follow them regardless of their performance.

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Sexism is Taking Over Apex Legends

Sexism is one of the most significant issues in online video games, discouraging female players from gaming. Apex Legends is no different. As the majority of the player base consists of male players, females are often neglected in the gaming community.

Recently, increased sexist behaviors toward females have made them open up about it. A Reddit user u/cuddles42 shared a glimpse of what female Apex players go through regularly.

Another Reddit user named u/Warm-Actuator5687 asked the Apex Legends community, “why there is so little female gamers?” The females in the comment section shared their thoughts on why it is discouraging to play Apex Legends as females.

Many females have said that as soon as they open their mic, they get sexist comments from male gamers. Although it doesn’t happen every match, even one incident as such is demoralizing enough for female gamers to keep their mic mute forever or quit.

This is just one example of such behavior. The apex Legends community is constantly losing its female player base due to it, which should not be normal. The reporting system of Apex Legends is not flawless, so most people get away with it without any repercussions.

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