Respawn announced some welcome changes to ranked Apex with a revamped loss forgiveness system

Reconnect feature is also confirmed for ranked series 4.

Apex Legends season 5 will feature not only a much needed “reconnect” feature but also a totally revamped loss forgiveness system that would definitely make ranked much less cumbersome.

Fans have been asking Respawn to fix Apex’s ranked mode for quite some time now. Various server related issues, random disconnects, quitters have been plaguing the ranked Apex Legends scene from ranked series 1. Respawn finally made some much-needed changes that should hopefully mitigate some of these problems that heavy rank grinders face every single day.

Respawn also addressed players who were complaining about having to play ranked alone cause the game couldn’t find teammates. Finally, those poor souls will be eligible for loss forgiveness. This along with maximum three-loss forgiveness in a series, experience while playing ranked should be much better compared to the current season.

Loss forgiveness summarized

  1. When their matchmade teammates abandon the game (i.e. if your party mates abandon you do not get loss forgiveness)
  2. When you get to the start of the drop sequence and you never had 3 teammates.
  3. When you have an unexpected quit. There are limits to how often we give this, see the next section for details.

Finally a reconnect feature

This time Respawn also confirmed that a reconnect feature for ranked series 4 is coming with the launch of the new season. Big-name streamers like Shroud has been asking Respawn to add something like this a long time ago. This should solve some of the issues like getting disconnected early game. Since servers in Apex aren’t getting better any time soon amid the current global situation, this is the next best thing Respawn can do to make ranked Apex much less troublesome.

They are also adding more visual warnings for players who are purposely abandoning their teammates. All this and more are coming in the new season 5 of Apex legends on May 12th.

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