Yuumi Rework 2023: New Ability Details Seemingly Revealed

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot may have accidentally leaked some of the Yuumi rework changes along with the Aurelion Sol rework gameplay clips.

Yuumi, The Magical Cat, is probably one of the, if not the most hated, champions in League of Legends. She has a very un interactive kit, and she is very frustrating to play with and against. Additionally, she has been a balance nightmare to Riot.

Upon her first release in 2019, she was regarded as one of the game’s weakest champions. However, after some time, players discovered how strong she actually was. Since then, Yuumi has remained one of the best supports in the game, no matter what the meta is. Although Riot tried to balance her several times, she either became completely worthless or extremely powerful; there was no in-between.

So, in December 2022, Riot finally announced they would rework Yuumi. Additionally, they released a Dev Blog to clarify what direction the Yuumi rework is going to take. Other than that, no new information was revealed about the upcoming rework.

But with the recent Aurelion Sol rework clips, Riot may have accidentally revealed more new information about the Yuumi rework. This article will go through all the information we have so far.

The information leaked is not official and might get changed anytime, so take it with a grain of salt.

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New Ability Details

Most of the information was taken from Aurelion Sol rework clips shared by Riot King Cobra’s Youtube channel. Also, massive thanks to the Reddit user Meowpatine for compiling all the changes.

Passive – Bop ‘n’ Block

Passive - Bop 'n' Block
Image Credit: Riot Games & Riot King Cobra’s Youtube Channel

Out of all the changes, the “Passive – Bop ‘n’ Block” seems to be the most significant change. Looking at the clips, Yuumi can now activate the passive shield without de-attaching from an allied champion. Her passive might have also been swapped with her “E – Zoomies”, making it an active shield you give to allies on command.

Q -Prowling Projectile

Yuumi Q -Prowling Projectile
Image Credit: Riot Games & Riot King Cobra’s Youtube Channel

Riot on the Yuumi rework dev blog already announced that they want “Q – Prowling Projectile” to be a skill shot that could be reliably dodged. So, they are making the ability go in a straight line, just like her current unattached Q.

W – You and Me!

Yuumi W - You and Me!
Image Credit: Riot Games & Riot King Cobra’s Youtube Channel

The W – You and Me! seems to have gotten the Kalista treatment. Although she can still jump to multiple allies, her abilities might function differently when attached to her marked ally.

E – Zoomies

Yuumi E - Zoomies
Image Credit: Riot Games & Riot King Cobra’s Youtube Channel

E – Zoomies seems to be an AOE heal now. Looking at the clips, she healed both Gragas and Ashe at the same time. There is also another hypothesis that her healing is linked to the “Q -Prowling Projectile”; by hitting her Q ability, she can now AOE heal allies.

R – Final Chapter

There’s currently no new information about any R – Final Chapter changes, as Yuumi did not use the Final Chapter once in the clips. So, we will have to patiently wait until Riot officially reveals more information about the Yuumi rework.

Release Date

The exact release date for the Yuumi rework is currently unknown, but it is likely to come after the release of the new support champion, Milio.

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