Riot Confirms Yuumi Rework in League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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A Yuumi Rework is on the way, as Riot confirmed a while ago.

Yuumi has been a bane for Riot in terms of balancing in League of Legends. Her win rate has been around the 46-47% for the last few patches. While that is pretty low in terms of win rate, what’s shocking is that Yuumi is too strong in professional play. This is due to professional players able to min-max the champion in games. Thus, this created a dilemma for Riot.

To address all of this, Yuumi received plenty of changes in the past. There were the buffs in 12.16 for Yuumi, which put Yuumi in a must-pick and ban state in professional play. Thus, Riot had to nerf her in Patch 12.23 to curb that. We also did an article about whether Yuumi should be reworked a while ago.

Moving on to Patch 12.23, in the notes, Riot has announced that they are looking into reworking Yuumi. This does not come as too much of a shock considering many players have been advocating about it for a while.

So with Riot announcing a rework for Yuumi soon, let’s talk about what we know so far.

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Riot Announcing Yuumi Rework

As mentioned, the announcement came in through the official Patch 12.23 notes. Riot outlines their reasoning behind a Yuumi Rework coming and what they hope to achieve with it.

There is an irony in Yuumi’s existence. While Yuumi is one of the most frustrating champions in the game, she is also one of the most popular ones. Thus with the nerfs in Patch 12.23, the balance team is trying to reduce her influence in high-level gameplay. However, this is not the last change from Riot for Yuumi.

Thus, Riot has started a large-scale rework on Yuumi for the future. They plan to get Yuumi into a much healthier spot. The balance team aims to keep Yuumi’s identity as an untargetable enchanter while palling to limit her impact as a champion.

The early goal for the rework is to limit her crowd control damage and usage while making it less aggressive in the lane. This will be shifted more towards more defensive capabilities and make her rely on her lane partner to succeed.

Riot Phroxzon has also commented on the changes coming to Yuumi soon. For now, this is all we know about the future Yuumi rework.

When Can We Expect To See The Yuumi Rework

As Riot has mentioned, this will take a while, as they will share more soon. Hence, the exact date for the rework to come out is completely unknown. However, we will know more next week in a Quick Gameplay Thoughts (QGT), as Riot Phroxzon has mentioned.

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