Storm Dragon Lee Sin Mythic Chroma: Price & Release Date

The Storm Dragon Lee Sin skin will be getting a Mythic Chroma.

The Dragonmancers skin line is a collection of alternate universe skins set in a world full of Dragons, Draconic Magic, and Magical Beasts. It is a skin line that dwells heavily in the eastern culture and was likely inspired by the Chinese Dragon mythos.

That being said, it is a very popular skin line among eastern League of Legends players. Thus the skin line has a myriad of skins. These include Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa, Storm Dragon Lee Sin, and Obsidian Dragon Settto name a few. But one of the most popular skins of the skin line is the Storm Dragon Lee Sin.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin was released almost two years ago, back in 2020, and remains one of Lee Sin’s most used skin. So, recently Riot announced that they would introduce a new chroma for Storm Dragon Lee Sin in 2023.

Not only that, the chroma is going to be of mythic rarity. Therefore, it will have a different color scheme, VFX, and more.

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Storm Dragon Lee Sin Mythic Chroma

Unlike Original Storm Dragon Lee Sin skin’s White/Blue color scheme, the chroma will have a Gold/Black color scheme to it. The VFX has also been changed to match the Gold/Black color scheme of the chroma, and the hair color has been changed to a darker color as well.

Overall, The Storm Dragon Lee Sin Mythic Chroma is a solid chroma with fantastic visual effects. Additionally, it also looks a lot like a prestige skin. So, it’s a good buy if you are into the prestige skin aesthetic.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin Mythic Chroma will also come with its icon.

Mythic Chroma Price

Like the previous mythic chroma, the Storm Dragon Lee Sin Mythic Chroma will cost 40 ME (Mythic Essence) in the Mythic Shop and will be in the Shop for a limited time.

Release Date

Storm Dragon Lee Sin Mythic Chroma is expected to hit the live servers on the first patch of 2023, patch 13.1.

Although the release date for the patch has not been revealed yet, it likely will arrive on January 5th.

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