You can find a Nessie Easter egg in Respawn’s Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Nessie has been a part of every game Respawn Entertainment has ever released. From Titanfall to their immensely popular FPS battle royale game Apex Legends, Nessie has always made a special appearance in one form or another.

Basically, Nessie is the first Easter egg in Respawn’s first FPS game Titanfall. A dev at Respawn even explained the actual origin of Nessie, and how it became an immediate hit among the fans.

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Following the release of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, players were searching for Nessie in this virtual world. It took some time but players finally figured out the Nessie Easter egg in this VR game.

Nessie in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Unsurprisingly, folks at Respawn decided to hide it in one of the boxes. If you were not actually looking through every corner and checking every box, you might miss this one. Players with enough determination finally managed to figure this one out.

Respawn’s first foray into the ever-growing virtual reality video games was met with a mostly positive accolade from media outlets. Despite not bringing something revolutionary to the genre, most agreed it was a valiant effort from Respawn.

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Being able to role play as a soldier in Virtual Reality during WW2 really made the experience click for some players. FPS shooters usually translate really well in virtual reality. However, some players were still complaining about the length of this video game. Although most still agree for their first attempt it was a surreal experience.

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