World of Warcraft: how to quickly gear up fresh level 120 characters

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A Redditor shared a prefect guide to gear up fresh level 120 characters in World of Warcraft quickly.

There are several things to keep in mind before gearing up new alt in World of Warcraft. And thanks to Reddit user u/Vicente810 for sharing a perfect guide to quickly gear up fresh level 120 characters in WoW.

Step 1: Complete a Timewalking dungeon to get a quest at the end of it that gives you 500 Timewarped badges. Use the badges to buy 410 gear.

Step 2: Do the Nazjatar intro quest chain to get: one 370 weapon and two 385 pieces of gear.

Step 3: In Nazjatar you will find Magni, he will give you a quest that will allow you to rise your neck to Azerite level 50 as well as unlock Essences.

Step 4: After unlocking essences Magni will give you a quest to return to Nazjatar. The follow-up quest will give you a 385 piece of gear and 20 mana pearls. IGNORE the follow-up quest that asks you to upgrade the 385 items with the Mana pearls. Instead, use the pearls to buy four 385 pieces of gear from a vendor in your base in Nazjatar.

Step 5: Start and complete the Wrathion questline. This will give you the Legendary Cloak (470 ilvl) and other high level pieces of gear. DO NOT OPEN the caches you get from completing the 2 assaults required in this quest chain. These caches are a massive source of the catch-up currency known as Echoes of Ny’Alotha but those echoes are not available until you get the cloak. If you hold the cache in inventory and open them after you receive the Legendary cloak you can then get the echoes.

Step 6: Check for World Quests that offer upgrades for your character.

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