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credits: Koei Tecmo

Everything you need to know about Companions and how they aid you in battle in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Keoi Tecmo’s Soulsborne game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty pits you against various demons and monsters of Chinese mythology and folklore that often seem too hard to handle. Worry not, as in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can call various companions to aid you in battle. Companions have different weapons and abilities and special abilities that grant you boots/buffs in fights.

Preparing with the best weapons and playstyle is important before joining a fight. Enemies have weaknesses, strengths, movesets, and abilities that must be countered against. Hence, picking the perfect weapon is key. Likewise, choosing the most suitable Companion in Lo Wong: Fallen Dynasty is also an essential element to consider if you really want to take down giant beasts in one piece.

The Companion system has many things going on, such as upgrades, summoning, and their own weapon sets to obtain. Hence, this guide lists all the Companions, their skill sets in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and how to manage them. Keep reading if you want to make the perfect fighting squad of the Three Kingdoms era.

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The Companion System in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty All Companions Guide
credits: Koei Tecmo

The Companion System, or as the game calls it, the Reinforcement system, lets you summon Companions. Companions are summoned by interacting with Battle Flags found in each mission map. Go to the Reinforcement menu and select your preferred Companion or Hero. This unlocks from the 2nd mission, Two Chivalrous Heroes.

There are 17 Companions to choose from in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. For every mission, you summon two Companions to join you. For each summons, you’ll need one Tiger Seal. Luckily, Tiger Seals aren’t too rare, as they can be found as loot in the game.

Companions fight enemies automatically the minute they appear, but you can command them to use their special abilities at will. You can heal downed enemies by going near them and pressing the prompted buttons. If not, they will retreat from your group. Although, you can heal them at either Battle Flags or Marking Flags.

You can also disband a Companion from your group using a Willow Branch. You can then summon another Companion from a Battle Flag. Remember, for each summons; you’ll use up a Tiger Seal, so manage your team wisely.

Oath Level for Companions

Oath Level is the bond you create with your Companions as you fight together and survive the many deadly battles in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, protecting each other’s back.

Furthermore, for each summoning, your Oath XP will increase, with that Companion’s Oath Level will increase by one. Leveling up Oath levels strengthens your Companions and unlocks new buffs and boosts called Warrior Effects. In fact, when you’re Oath Level reaches 5, your Companion unlocks an additional skill. Oath Level 10 promotes Companions into a Sword Brother/Sister. This makes them insanely useful and gifts you their powerful weapon and armor set.

To grind for Oath XP, defeat enemies and make your Companions defeat enemies. You can also use the Cup of Cordiality item to gain Oath XP. Hence, try to summon allies whenever you can.

Look at all the Companions you can summon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and choose the ones that prefer your playstyle the most. Level them up and make them powerful allies with unstoppable might.

All Companions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty All Companions Guide
credits: Koei Tecmo
Companion NameHow To UnlockWeapon ElementFirst Warrior EffectSecond Warrior Effect
Cao CaoFound in the “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch” mission.SwordMetalDamage to Enemies with Negative Effects +4%Marking Flag detection
Cheng PuComplete the “Centuries of Glory Burned Away” missionSlashing SpearFireNegative Effect removal upon Fatal StrikeHP Restoration from melee attack damage
Han DangGlaiveEarthReceived Ranged Attack Damage -2.9%Damage Reduction upon using Martial Arts
Guo JiaStaffMetalEnemy Status Effect Accumulation +7.2%Negative Effect Duration on Enemies +3.6%
Guan YuFind him in the “The Valley of the Crying Wraiths” missionGlaiveEarthReceived Damage -2.4%Restore HP upon deflecting Critical Blow +36
Huang GaiDual SabreWaterHP recovery upon Fatal Strike +24Fatal Strike damage +4.6%
Hong JingRescue Hong Jing in the mission, “Two Chivalrous Heroes.”StaffWoodWizardry Spell Spirit consumption -2.6%Wizardry Spell damage +4%
Liu BeiFind him in the “The Valorous Trio” missionDual SwordWoodHP +18Alliance Spirit Defense +24
Sun CeComplete mission “Centuries of Glory Burned Away.”Dual HalberdFireSpirit Gain from normal attacks +3.5%Spirit Damage received while attacking -3.5%
Sun JianFind him in the mission, “The Demon of the Yellow Heaven.”Curved SabreMetalSpirit Attack damage +3.6%Spirit Sustainability +18
Sun QuanComplete mission, “Centuries of Glory Burned Away.”SwordMetalDamage Amplification to Enemy upon ranged attackAmmo Replenish upon Fatal Strike +1
Xiahou DunFind him in the mission, “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch.”PoleaxeEarthStatus Effect resistance +7.2%Spirit Consumption -2.2%
Xiahou YuanFind him in the “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch” missionStraight SabreWaterRanged attack damage +4.2%Ammo Retrieval upon ranged attack 7.2%
Xun YuFind him in the mission, “The Unhibited Heart.”SwordWoodRestore HP +2.4%Genuine Qi obtention +9.6%
Zhao YunFind him the mission, “Two Chivalrous Heroes.”SpearEarthSpirit gain from deflecting +4%Morale Rank Points gain +6%
Zhang FeiFind him the mission, “The Valley of the Crying Wraiths.”Slashing SpearFireMartial Arts damage +3.6%Received Damage while attacking -2.9%
Zhang LiaoStraight SabreWaterPower Gain upon Fatal StrikeMartial Arts Spirit consumption -2.6%
Companions in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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