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Learn where to find all the Gobs of Gobstone locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

Being a massive open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy offers many exciting and sometimes draggy side-quests in the game. This gives players more time to enjoy the game’s different elements and explore at their own pace. Furthermore, side quests also give an in-depth look into the game’s world by providing more interaction with characters and game lore.

Completing side-quests not only makes players get invested more in the game but also rewards them. These rewards can be valuable, rare items, currency, skills, etc. Similarly, Hogwarts Legacy also offers a variety of side-quests that can be highly rewarding or fun to complete.

One such side-quest is the Gobs Of Gobstones, where you need to look for an item called Gobstone scattered across Hogwarts. Gobstones are small marble-like balls that can be hard to find, especially when looking for the ones placed in awkward positions. Hence, this Hogwarts Legacy guide provides the location of all the Gobs of Gobstone. Now you can easily collect all of them and finish the quest quickly. So follow for more below.

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What are Gobstones and How To Start The Quest for Gobstones

Gobstones are a magical game played mainly by wizarding children. Gobstones are played precisely like marbles, but the losing players get squirted with a foul-smelling liquid from these magic stones. Hence, owing to the bad reputation of the game by many.

The task of collecting these magical marbles is given to you in the game by a Ravenclaw member and fellow student Zenobia Noke in the quest called ‘Gobs of Gobestone.’ She can be found at the Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower, and after a series of conversation and dialog options, she’ll give you the quest of finding 6 Gobstones hidden in high places around Hogwarts campus. You’ll also need to learn the Accio skill to pull the Gobstones toward you.

Zenobia Noke | credit: Portkey Games

Although placed intentionally in high places such as ledges and beams, the location is marked on your mini-map. You can follow the mini-map to find where the Gobstone resides in Hogwarts Legacy.

Gobstone Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Transfiguration Courtyard

Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone Location
credit Portkey Games

The first Gobstone location in Hogwarts Legacy is the Transfiguration Courtyard. Follow your mini-map to the specific location. Head towards the ledge with the giant archway(one with owls). You’ll easily spot the Gobstone. Use Accio on it to grab it.

Follow the mini-map once again to get to the 2nd location.

Divination Classroom Floo Flame

Follow the map and head to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame. Walk past it, towards the rafters, and look towards the beams above the Central Hall to spot a shiny ball. That would be the Gobstone you’re looking for. Use Accio to take it.

Divination Tower

Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone Location
credit Portkey Games

The third Gobstone is close and within the same vicinity. From where you found the 2nd Gobstone, head back to the Floo Flame and up the stairs towards the end. Look up to the chandelier to see the 3rd Gobstone placed on it.

Ravenclaw Tower

Hogwarts Legacy Gobstone Location
credit Portkey Games

Head to Ravenclaw Tower in the hallway and look up to the blue pillars on the southeast side of the room. You’ll find a Gobstone sitting on a ledge.

Grand Staircase

The fifth Gobstone is located in the Grand Staircase area outside the Trophy room. Walk beyond Ravenclaw Tower and climb up the Grand Staircase and into the room with the different armor suits. Activate the Floo Flame for this area and look to your left on top of the arches of the windows to find the 5th Gobstone. Use Accio on it.

Trophy Room

The last Gobstone is the easiest to get a hold of. Enter the Trophy room and look for the large trophy case/shelf. It is situated north of the entrance. You’ll find the 6th Gobstone on the 3rd row between two large trophies.

With that, you have found all six Gobstone in Hogwarts Legacy. Now head back to Zenobia and talk to here for your reward in addition to some dialogue options.

You’ll choose whether to keep the Gobstones or give it to Zenobia. If you keep it to yourself, Zenobia will dislike you, which she’ll express every time you interact with her. She’ll also talk about how she has no friends in Hogwarts and does not like the school.

If you give her the Gobstones, she’ll be friendly to you and talk about trying to play Gobstones with others.

Nevertheless, which option you pick does not significantly impact your playthrough, and you get rewarded for completing the Gobs of Gobstone quest.

Reward For Finding All Gobstone

credit Portkey Games

Finding all the Gobstones and completing the side quest rewards you with The Orbicula – Violet Wand Handle accessory. Its wood type is elder. Its Core type is Unicorn Hair, which has Unyielding flexibility, and the handle has a length of thirteen inches. Equip it from the Gear Tab from the Main Menu.

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