Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Location: How To Collect Them?

Learn how to find all the Revelio Pages in Hogwarts Legacy.

All RPGs and open-world games have a couple of collectibles that you can choose to find if you’re looking for 100% completion. They may take a lot of time to collect, but through collectibles, the game makes you explore the entire game world or sometimes interact with everything the game offers.

Similarly, Hogwarts Legacy also has some collectibles to find and collect. These include field guide pages, flying pages, Revelio pages, etc. The biggest of which are the Revelio pages. Revelio pages are part of the Field Guide pages, and like any collectibles, they can sometimes be a chore to find them. In fact, sometimes you’ll find yourself lost and confused as to locate one item even if you think you’ve scanned through every nook and cranny of an area.

By now, you’re used to seeing multiple collectibles in an RPG game. A technique used by devs to increase gameplay time. However, it’s also a good way to reveal and narrate the game’s lore and story. Nevertheless, if you want to collect all the Revelio pages in Hogwarts Legacy, this guide helps you do just that. We compiled the locations of all the Revelio pages in Hogwarts Legacy, so you know how to find them.

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How To Find and Collect Revelio Pages in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Location, Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Where to find them
credits: Portkey Games

Revelio Pages in Hogwarts Legacy are special collectibles hidden across three locations, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and The Highlands. They are part of the Field Guide progression and hence, also give 50 XP when you find one of them.

In total, there are 150 of them.

Moreover, Revelio pages are usually found near landmarks and iconic places on the Hogwarts Legacy maps. When you find one, they reveal trivia-like lore or history about that certain place or landmark.

So you do how actually obtain Revelio Pages in Hogwarts Legacy? You’ll notice a ghost-like appearance on the page when you’re near one. As the name suggests, cast Revelio to reveal these pages. Also, you need to face towards the page to cast it.

Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Location – Where To Find Them


credits: Portkey Games
Location/Landmark NameWhere To Find
The Three BroomsticksCan be found near the fireplace using the Revelio spell.
Three Broomsticks Private RoomThe private room in the Three Broomsticks is located upstairs behind a locked door.
Butterbeer BarrelsFound on the north side of The Three Broomsticks.
Ceridwen’s Precarious CauldronsSituated across from Tome and Scrolls.
SneakoscopeLocated inside Dervish and Banges, which shares a shop with Gladrags. It can be found on a small table by the window.
The Dogweed and Deathcap TreeIt can be found inside the store to the north.
Hogsmeade Community GardenSituated to the east of the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame
Gladrags MannequinSituated inside Gladrags Wizardwear store.
Gladrags WizardwearTo find Gladrags Wizardwear store, use the Revelio spell outside the store’s east entrance.
Hog’s Head DocksFound behind the Hog’s Head, near a stack of crates with a lantern on top.
Mounted Hog’s HeadFound inside the Hog’s Head, which is situated in west Hogsmeade (south of J. Pippins).
Exploding BonbonsFound inside Honeydukes, near the till.
HoneydukesSituated in the northeast of Hogsmeade, use the Revelio spell.
Fizzing WhizzbiesFound by the Fizzing Whizzbies display in Honeydukes.
The Magic Neep CartLocated by using the Revelio spell on the cart outside the Magic Neep.
Abandoned ShopCheck The Old Fool to the north. There’s a Revelio page on the door.
Ollivanders Wand ShopFound by using the Revelio spell outside.
J.Pippin’s PotionsTound by using the Revelio spell on the stove behind Mr. Pippin.
Hengist of WoodcroftLocated at the big tree in the middle of the square in the north.
Magical MailFound inside the post office, next door to Steepley and Sons.
Shrivenshaft CatsFound inside the Shrivenshoft quill shop, which is situated on the Hogsmeade Square opposite Gladrags.
Spintwitches Sporting NeedsIt can be found on the mannequin inside the shop.
Tea Shop DecorFound inside Steepley and Sons, just off the Hogsmeade square.
Enchanted StaircaseFound inside Tomes and Scrolls in south Hogsmeade.
Brood and PeckFound to the right of the store if you come in the front door, near the feeding area.
HogsmeadeFound on the stone wall before the bridge into Hogsmeade.
Water WellFound southeast of Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium.
DungbombFound upstairs in Zonko’s Joke Shop.
Frog Spawn SoapThe Frog Spawn Soap can be found downstairs in Zonko’s.
Zonko’s Joke ShopLocated in the center of the village, and the page is on the front door.
Revelio Page Location in Hogsmeade – Hogwarts Legacy

The Highlands

Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Location, Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Where to find them
credits: Portkey Games
Location/Landmark NameWhere To Find
Spider PartsIt is located south of the village of Aranshire, next to the trader.
BeehivesFound to the east of Keenbridge in Hogwarts Valley, on the river south of the Floo Flame.
Giant Shade TreePositioned in the middle of Cragcroft.
Broken BinocularsNortheast of Feldcroft Castle.
Abandoned BothyLocated on the wooden path directly south of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame.
Chocolate FrogsIt can be found just south of Hogsmeade, on a lookout view at the edge of the village.
Cinnamon BarkLocated near a stone fire inside one of the goblin bandit camps. To get there, go up one flight of stairs and down another from the coast level.
Antique CompassPositioned directly next to the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame.
Lace DoilyFound to the west of Keenbridge, behind the ruins.
Doxy EggLocated in a Small Bandit Camp in Hogwarts Valley, southwest of Keenbridge.
Practice DummiesPositioned in the northeast of Feldcroft village.
Alihotsy FudgeIt can be found on the benches northeast of the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame.
Ginger RootFound in a bar on the east side of Keenbridge village.
Hebridean Black ScaleLocated even further west of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame, south of Lower Hogsfield.
Hogsmeade Station Ticket OfficeIt is positioned at the Hogsmeade Train Station, east of Hogwarts and north of Aranshire.
Antique HornFound in the northeast corner of the North Ford Bog, on the end of a dock.
Jewelled BroochPositioned by a bench near the steps around the side of the windmill in Irondale.
Lovage BouquetLocated east of South Feldcroft Floo Flame in the ravine.
Murtlap TentaclesFound to the west of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame.
Punguos Onion BulbsPositioned west-northwest of Clagmar Castle, near the coast in a ravine.
Peruvian Instant Darkness PowderCan be found in the cliffs south of the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame.
Pumpkin FizzLocated in Lower Hogsfield in Hogsmeade Valley, in the mill to the north of the hamlet, inside on a counter.
Squib CottageFound south-southeast of the East Hogsmeade Valley Floo Flame.
Runespoor EggPositioned on the east-side of Falbraton Castle.
Enchanted ScarecrowLocated in Brocburrow, between two houses on the west side of town.
Dragon SkeletonFound southwest coast of Cragcroft
Spider-SignIt can be seen on the south-side of Pitt-Upon-Ford, near the trader.
The Tilted HouseLocated in the northwest of Keenbridge village.
Acromantula VenomFound on the north side of Clagmar Coast, near a Medium Bandit Camp.
Feldcroft WellLocated at the center of Fellcroft village.
Revelio Page Location in The Highlands – Hogwarts Legacy


Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Location, Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages Where to find them
credits: Portkey Games
Location/Landmark NameWhere To Find
Tapestry of Barnabas the BarmyYou can find this tapestry in the corridor next to the first set of stairs in the Astronomy Tower.
Astronomy TelescopeThe telescope is located on the top floor of the Astronomy Wing in the Astronomy Tower.
Partial TransfigurationFound in the Transfiguration Classroom located in the Astronomy Wing.
Portrait of BaruffioIt can be found in the southwest corner of the Facility Tower, near Mr. Moon, who is waiting for his Demiguise statues in the South Wing.
Broken BroomLocated in the Bell Tower lobby in the Bell Tower Wing.
Flattened ArmourIt is opposite the Broken Broom in the Bell Tower lobby in the Bell Tower Wing.
Goblin ArtefactFound in the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing, and up the stairs in the south.
Three Sisters BellsFound in the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing
Scorch MarksFound in the Bell Tower lobby, in the Bell Tower Wing, and up the stairs in the south.
Grimwald WeftFound in the Bell Tower Lobby during the History of Magic Class.
Frog ChoirLocated at the top of the Bell Towers, when you walk up the stairs and after the Scorch Marks in Tower Wing.
Waving KnightFound in the Bell Tower lobby as part of the History of Magic class.
History of Magic WindowsFound in the History of Magic Classroom, which is located southwest of the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame.
Wooden CatFound in the Bell Tower lobby, to the north stairs.
Black LakeAt an abandoned boat near the bathhouse in the Great Hall.
The Underground HarbourFound by going south into the caves from the boat dock in the Great Hall area and on a pier to the east.
Arithmancy ClassroomFound in the Central Hall, which is on the same level as the Divinations Classroom Floo Flame. Go west to find a puzzle door. (Solution:? = 4, ?? = 3)
Central Hall FountainIn the middle of the Central Hall in the Library Annex.
Clock MechanicsFrom the Hospital Wing, go around the rafters in the Clock Tower to the south-side rafters, and use Revelio on the cogs.
The Well of Four BeastsFound at the Clock Tower Courtyard.
Haunted ToiletsHead north-west from the Lachlan statue at the bottom of Gryffindor Tower, and use Revelio on the padlocked door.
Augury SkeletonDown the stairs from the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower Floo Flame.
Boggart ClosetFound in the gargoyle room on the ground floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.
Dark Tower CellOn the roof after going through the locked door in the Charms Classroom, with a level 2 lock on a cell.
Hebridean Black SkeletonFound in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom
Painting of Illyius Found on the ground floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower in the Astronomy Wing.
Serpentine Beast WindowFound near the Rhino statue in the room below the Defence Against the Dark Arts Floo Flame
Professor Sharp’s Auror BadgeOn Professor Sharp’s desk in the Potions Classroom in the Library Annex.
Gorgon PaintingSolved by a puzzle door from the Bell Tower Courtyard. (Solution:? = 2, ?? = 1).
Urn of AshesLocated in the Dungeons, accessible from the North Hall’s bottom of the stairs in the Bell Tower Wing.
Salazar Slytherin’s ScriptoriumFound during Sebastian’s relationship quest, “In the Shadow of the Study.”
Map of ArgyllshireInside the door on the left at the bottom of the Gryffindor Tower coming from the Clock Tower.
Boris the BewilderedLocated outside the Prefects’ Bathroom in the Faculty Tower.
Lachlan the LankyLocated down the stairs to the northeast of the Map of Argyllshire.
Adventure Novel SetBehind a level 2 locked door inside Professor Onai’s office on the first floor of the Faculty Tower, near the number puzzle door
Prefects’ BathroomFound near the top of the Faculty Tower, in the Prefects’ bathroom, near the Hospital Wing.
Honeydukes PassagewayLocated a few flights down from the top of the Grand Staircase, near the One-Eyed Witch Passage.
Jewel-Encrusted TurtleFound on a small landing between staircases in the Hospital Wing, four flights of stairs up from the One-Eyed Witch Passage entrance.
Quill of Acceptance and Book of AdmittanceIt is obtained by learning how to pick level 2 and 3 locks and accessing the secret door at the end of the corridor near Professor Black’s office during “The Polyjuice Plot” main quest.
Centaur ArmourIt is outside the trophy room, in the hallway near the Headmaster’s office, slightly north of the gate.
Moving StaircaseFound in the Grand Staircase itself, by the central column, a few floors from the top.
Headmaster’s Office GargoyleFound during “The Polyjuice Plot” main quest, after whispering to the gargoyle in the Headmaster’s Office and using Revelio.
Goblet of Fire CasketIt is in the Trophy Room at the top of the Grand Staircase.
House-Elf ArmourFound outside the trophy room, near the gates to the Headmaster’s office.
Sleeping PortraitsLocated in the area just before the Headmaster’s office.
The Sorting HatFound in the Headmaster’s office.
Troll ArmourLocated opposite the Trophy Room Floo Flame.
Trophy RoomIt is located upstairs, at the top of the Grand Staircase, in the trophy room, on one of the northern cabinets.
Hogwarts ArchitectFound opposite the House point Hourglasses in the Reception Hall on the way to the Great Hall.
The Great Hall CeilingFound by standing at the entrance to the long tables in the Great Hall.
The Yawning GargoyleIn the fields above the Hufflepuff common room.
Hogwarts CrestFound in front of you as you enter the Great Hall from the Viaduct Courtyard via the big doors.
House Point HourglassesHead through the adjoining corridor from the Great Hall to the room with the three hourglasses.
Owl LecternIt is near the stained glass window at the front of the Great Hall.
Greenhouse TreeFound in the Greenhouse as you enter.
Dirigible PlumsFound in the Greenhouse, where the Herbology class is held.
Bloody MeatIt is in a small room in the stables outside the west wall.
Caged BathtubFound in a room on the ramparts, close to the Quidditch arena.
GlumbumblesHead out of the double doors of the Bell Tower Courtyard and go right. Follow the path through the gardens towards the greenhouses. The pages appear from the beehive-like objects on your left.
Castle RampartsLocated in one of the ramparts on the castle wall, directly east of the Hogwarts North Exit Floo Flame and northeast of the courtyard fountain
Hogwarts OwlsIt can be found at the top of the Owlery, in the cliffs west of Hogwarts near the Quidditch pitch.
Quidditch PitchFound south of the pitch, near a broken-down castle wall
Statue of Gregory the SmarmyLocated in the main Central Hall in the Library Annex, down the stairs near the Potions Classroom.
Unicorn FountainSituated on the Southern Wing’s top floor, a few stairs from the Prefects’ Bathroom, next to the hospital ward.
Hufflepuff BarrelsCan be found in the back of the basement after entering via the side stairs from the Grand Staircase Floo Flame.
Kitchen Tablesdescend the spiral staircase from the Grand Staircase Floo Flame to the floor below where all the barrels are. Create a door by interacting with the fruit painting, then use Revelio to locate the page in the center of the space.
Pear PortraitEnter the basement via the side stairs, which should be to the left.
House-Elf Living QuartersCan be found by heading down the spiral staircase from the Grand Staircase Floo Flame to the bottom floor with all the barrels. Interact with the fruit painting to create a door and go to the room’s southeast corner, using Revelio to find the page.
House-Elf Recipe BookOn the route to the Hufflepuff Barrels, on the stairs that lead down from the Grand Staircase Floo Flame.
The Old LibrarianFound in the Library, counted towards the Bell Tower Field Guide Pages. From the Library Floo Flame, go up the spiral staircase and use Revelio on the large portrait of a wizard above the Floo Flame.
Enchanted BooksCan be found in the Restricted Area of the Library, down two flights of stairs.
Palmistry ModelLocated inside the Divination Classroom.
Book on Intermediate TransfigurationDuring Professor Weasley’s Assignments, after completing Sophronia’s quiz, find the book she puts back upstairs at the back of the library. Use Revelio on it.
Alchemy ClassLocated behind a level 2 locked door in the Dungeons of the Bell Wing at the Alchemy Classroom.
Important Muggle ArtefactFound in the Muggle Studies Classroom behind a level 1 locked door.
Sleeping Dragon StatueFound in the dungeons below the Bell Tower.
Sphinx StatueBack of the History of Magic Classroom.
Werewolf Saga TapestriesYou must go down the stairs to reach the dungeon in the North Hall of the Bell Tower Wing. Once there, you will see a tapestry of a woman and the letter “K.” You need to walk through the letter “K” to enter a big room full of tapestries. The spell “revelio” will reveal a hidden page next to one of the tapestries.
Groundskeeper’s ToolsFound in a house situated on the road connecting Hogwarts to Lower Hogsfield
Fat Lady PortraitFound at the end of a dead-end corridor, heading south from the Faculty Tower Floo Flame, then taking the spiral staircase up one flight of stairs.
Ravenclaw BustIt is situated on the way to the Ravenclaw Common Room in the Ravenclaw Tower, near the Grand Staircase.
Ravenclaw DoorknockerIt is located on the door that leads to the Ravenclaw Common Room at the top of the Ravenclaw Tower.
Deathday Party RoomFound through a blocked gate with a Level 1 locked door in the Slytherin Dungeons, followed by a curved corridor.
Kelpie StatueIt is situated in the Slytherin Dungeons, accessed from the Viaduct Entrance of the Library Annex.
Slytherin’s SinksIt is in the girls’ bathroom, in the Slytherin Dungeon tunnels. Head there through a door near the Great Hall.
Wyvern StatueFound in Transfiguration Classroom courtyard.
Detention ChamberSituated behind a Level 2 locked door in the Slytherin Dungeons.
Headless Hunt TapestryFound in the Deathday Party Room. This is accessed by unlocking the locked door in the Slytherin Dungeons.
Pungent PassageHead northwest through the door from the first floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower
Portrait of Sir CadoganIt can be found by going up the stairs from the central hall Floo Flame to reach the viaduct entrance, taking the stone steps southwest to the balcony, and then turning north again. The portrait is on the wall.
Revelio Page Location in Hogwarts – Hogwarts Legacy

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