Hogwarts Legacy: All Attendable Classes

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credits: Avalanche Software

Brush up your magic and potion skills by taking up all the wizardry and witchcraft classes in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is now one of the most popular games you can play. It deserves its popularity because the game delivers a fantastic RPG experience. You play as a student studying in Hogwarts to become the best wizard or witch, master the art of magic, spells, and charms, go on thrilling adventures, explore the classic locales and places from the Harry Potter universe, and take down threats to save your school. The game’s freedom in customization and branching story options makes every experience unique.

Even with all the fights you win and exciting quests you take up, you’re still a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Attending school to learn everything about wizardry and magic. Hence, you must attend classes to master the art of magic properly.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be attending the various classes that we saw in movies and read in the books. Like the rest of the game, the things shown and taught in the classes, the teachers, and the students are the same as we’ve seen in the Harry Potter films.

This accuracy of the source material is probably the best thing in the game. Any series fan can relate to and point out the various aspects of the game’s world. Providing a personalized feeling of immersion in a world they already cherish.

This guide aims to tell you everything about the classes you attend at Hogwarts Legacy, how they work, and the benefits they give.

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All Classes in Hogwarts Legacy

There are 9 classes in Hogwarts Legacy to attend and study. Mostly you’ll attend these classes as part of the main story, where you learn more about the game’s lore, teachers, and other people. Additionally, with each class, you’ll be learning different skills and magic. This is how the game slowly reveals its different learnable abilities to you that you need throughout the game. Most of these classes are part of the main quest line that unlocks gradually.

Furthermore, you can also take part in classes via the game’s many side quests. Although side quests are optional, attending these classes is not a part of the main story, nor does it teach you the spells essential to complete the game. However, you’ll get to expand your arsenal with more unique skills and magical abilities. You can never go wrong with having more magic powers. Moreover, completing side-quests gets you other rewards and benefits too. Most importantly, you’ll have a better experience playing the game than grinding through the story.

So we recommend you play side-quests, attend all possible classes and enjoy everything this game offers.

The 9 attendable classes in Hogwarts Legacy are:

  • Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Charms
  • Potions
  • Herbology
  • Flying
  • Beasts
  • Astronomy
  • Transfiguration
  • Divination

The History of Magic class is not attendable by players in the game and is only shown during cutscenes or dialogues.

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Hogwarts Legacy All Attendable Classes
credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Dinah Hecat

Defence Against the Dark Arts is one of the coolest classes in Hogwarts Legacy because, as the name suggests, this class teaches you to protect and fight against various enemies and dark wizards. Defense Against the Dark Arts class is unlocked after completing the Welcome to Hogwarts quest.

In this class, you’ll learn how to battle with powerful offensive spells and defend yourself from them. After taking part in this class, you’ll learn the Levioso spell, which lets you freeze others in mid-air.


credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Abraham Ronen

The light-hearted Professor Ronen takes the Charms class. Charms teach spells that let you cast magic on objects around you and the environment to utilize them to your advantage. Such as Wingardium Leviosa, which lets you levitate objects, but this is not taught in the Charms class quest.

Charm spells help you explore and discover as they let you turn things into magic objects. Charms class is unlocked after completing the Welcome to Hogwarts quest.

Completing this quest, instead, teaches you a more useful spell, Accio. This spell lets you pull targets toward you. Useful for catching, escaping, or hiding enemies.


credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Mirabel Garlick

Herbology class teaches you how to grow and nurture various species of weird and magical plants in the wizarding world. The caring Professor Mirabel teaches this class with great affection. You’ll also learn how to use a Chomping Cabbage in this class, including much other knowledge on using various plants and herbs to your advantage.

Herbology class is unlocked after completing Tomes and Tribulations quest.


Hogwarts Legacy All Attendable Classes
credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Aesop Sharp

You’ll love everything about the Potions class if you like brewing potent potions, elixirs, and other magical concoctions like a wizard chemist. This class is fairly straightforward; you’re taught about potions and how to craft them. This class is unlocked after completing the Herbology class.

While doing the Potions class main quest, you’ll be taught to craft potions by brewing an Edurus Potion.

Like any RPG, the consumable is an important asset for survival. Likewise, crafting and carrying potions will help you in the toughest times by curing any effects, modifying stats, and recovering health. So keep a good knowledge of Potions in the game.


Hogwarts Legacy All Attendable Classes
credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Chiyo Kogawa

Flying on Brooms is a witch’s or wizard’s signature ability, and the same goes in the Harry Potter Universe. Fortunately, in Hogwarts Legacy, you can fly freely on your broom stick after completing the Flying class.

This is a very straightforward main quest class where you’ll learn the controls for flying on a broomstick. Completing the quest unlocks the ability to fly.

This class is unlocked after completing Jackdaw’s Rest.


Hogwarts Legacy All Attendable Classes
credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Bai Howin

The Beasts class teaches you about the many magical and fantastic beasts surrounding Hogwarts. You’ll learn to care for, tame, defend yourself against, and fight them.

While exploring the game, you’ll encounter a lot of beasts, some friendly while some not. This class teaches everything you need to know to face them sometimes and adequately use them to gain benefits.

While doing this in the Beasts class quest, you interact and learn about Puffskeins, Kneazles, and a wonderful Hippogriff.

Furthermore, completing this quest rewards you with the Beast Petting Brush. This time lets you care for domesticated Beasts by brushing them and receiving materials from them.

You’ll also receive the Beast Feed, which lets you feed caught Beasts in the Vivarium to nurture them.


Hogwarts Legacy All Attendable Classes
credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Satyavati Shah

The Astronomy Class teaches you about Astronomy, where things are more similar, like in the real world. You learn about the planets, and stars, their movement and alignment, and what these signify in the wizarding world.

You’ll also learn the use of a telescope. Completing the Astronomy class unlocks the Astronomy Table. The Astronomy Table is a puzzle challenge where you line up stars in their proper positions. These tables are scattered around Hogwarts and its surroundings.

Astronomy Class unlocks after completing In the Shadow of the Estate.


Hogwarts Legacy All Attendable Classes
credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Matilda Weasley

Transfiguration is an interesting class in Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Taken by Matilda Weasly, a relative of Ron Weasley. She teaches you how to transfigure or transform objects and sometimes smaller, weaker animals into something else and gives you the upper hand.

This class is a part of Professor Weasley’s Assignment quest, and completing it teaches you the Transformation spell, which can be used both in battles to weaken enemies and interact with your surroundings, for example, by solving puzzles.


credits: Avalanche Software

Taught by: Mudiwa Onai

Divination is an elective class at Hogwarts and is part of Professor Onai’s Assignment quest line. Although Dumbledore initially removed this course because of its minimal use and unreliability, he later added the class after experiencing its advantages.

The Divination class teaches how to use various tools and rituals, such as using a crystal ball or crushing tea leaves to foresee future events and gain insights into the near future. It also teaches how to decrypt and understand prophecies.

Although foresight abilities are not taught after taking this class, you’ll learn more about the wizarding world and how Divinations work. Completing this, you will learn the spell, Descendo, a powerful Force spell that lets you throw objects with magical force or slam enemies into the ground.

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