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Here are all the Beasts you can find in Hogwarts Legacy.

Avalanche Software has done an excellent job recreating the wizardry world of magic created by J.K Rowling. Even though Hogwarts Legacy is based in the 1800s and before the Harry Potter Saga, it still includes everything from movies to books and more.

One of the more exciting features of Hogwarts Legacy is that it gives you the power to make your own magical adventure. Apart from that, the game allows players to tame Magical Beasts to make your experience even more immersive and engaging. If you are wondering what these Beast do, where they are, and how to capture them, below we have made a complete guide on it.

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A Complete Beasts Guide for Hogwarts Legacy

A total of 13 different Magical Beast roam around the map of Hogwarts Legacy. Once you capture these Beast, you can take them to the Vivariums to produce resources or Breed them to make more Beast. Each of these stays in certain places on the map called Den. Many different Dens are scattered across the map, and you can locate them by traveling and exploring Hogwarts Legacy’s World.

All Beast in Hogwarts Legacy

Before we head into the guide about Beasts, let us take a look at all the Beasts, where you can get them, and what they produce in Hogwarts legacy:

  • Diricawl
    • Den Location: Hogwarts Valley
    • Resource it Produces: Diricawl Feathers
    • Use of Resource: Upgrading gear and making traits
  • Fwooper
    • Den LocationMarunweem
    • Resource it ProducesFwooper Feather
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Giant Purple Toad
    • Den LocationWest Forbidden Forest
    • Resource it ProducesToad Warts
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Graphorn
    • Den LocationSouthern Calgmar Coast
    • Resource it ProducesGraphorn Horn
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Hippogriff
    • Den LocationFeldcroft
    • Resource it ProducesHippogriff Feather
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Jobberknoll
    • Den LocationUpper Hogsfield
    • Resource it ProducesJobberknoll Feather
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Kneazle
    • Den LocationIrondale
    • Resource it ProducesKneazle Fur
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Mooncalf
    • Den LocationPitt-upon-Ford
    • Resource it ProducesMooncalf Fur
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Niffler
    • Den LocationFeldcroft Catacomb (video guide embedded above)
    • Resource it ProducesNiffler fur
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Puffskein
    • Den Location: Jackdaw’s Tomb
    • Resource it ProducesPuffskein Fur
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Thestral
    • Den LocationNorth Ford Bog
    • Resource it ProducesThestral Hair
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
  • Unicorn
    • Den LocationForbidden Forrest
    • Resource it Produces: Unicorn Hair
    • Use of ResourceUpgrading gear and making traits
All Beast in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Pheonix

Seeing the list of all the Beast, you might be wondering where is the 13th Beast. Well, Pheonix is the last Beast, and it does not have a den in Hogwarts Legacy, so you will need to do some extra work to get it.

To obtain it, first, you must complete Deek’s final side quest named “Phoenix Rising.” Upon completing this quest, you can finally capture the Pheonix and add it to your collection of Beasts and Mounts.

How to Capture Beasts

Moving on to capturing them, to capture a Beast, you will first have to get a magical item called Nab-Sac, and to get it, you will have to complete a quest called “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom.”

Once you have this, you can head into the world to grab yourself some magical Beasts. To capture one, sneak up behind them and activate your Nab-Sack to suck them inside. It might take a little time sometimes, but you must be patient.

After you have captured them, head into the Room of Requirement and keep them in the Vivarium. You can get up to 3 different Vivariums to keep 12 Beasts inside one Vivarium, perfect for keeping a pair of each of all 12 species. Apart from keeping them, you can also sell them off for extra money if you are short of any during your travels.

How to Breed Beasts

Now Apart from capturing Beasts, you can also breed 12 of them to ensure the species stays alive. Moreover, unlike capturing Beasts, this one takes more effort. Firstly to unlock breeding, you must talk with Deek and complete the two side quests called “The Plight of the Hou e-Elf” and “Foal of the Dead.”

After these quests, head to the Hogsmeade and purchase a Breeding pen from the Tomes and Scrolls. Even though you now have all the tools for breeding, without male and female Beasts of the same species, these are completely useless. Upon getting both genders, use your Beast Breeding Pen and wait 30 mins for a new baby Beast to be born.

How to get Shiny Beasts

Like in Pokemon, where you can catch shiny and rare Pokemon, Hogwarts Legacy has also introduced this function for its fans. No, you cannot catch Pokemon in the game, but you can surely get shiny Beasts. Even though they are very rare, you can get them by using a simple yet effective way: the save and reload technique.

Using it, all you have to do is go near a Den, save the game, and keep reloading and checking the Den till it appears. The only difference between Shiny Beasts from normal ones is that they are shiny and have a star above them, which is just about it.

Apart from collecting Beast, you can unlock Potions and use them in battles. Check out our guide on it to know more about them: Hogwarts Legacy: All Potions & Their Effects.

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