Hogwarts Legacy: All Potions & Their Effects

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Here are all the Potions you can find in Hogwarts Legacy.

We all remember trying to perfect our pronunciation of how Hermoine said “Wingardium Leviosa.” Well, you can relive that moment once again if you are a Harry Potter fan playing Hogwarts Legacy.

The game captures the theme of becoming a wizard by letting players choose the adventure they would like to embark on. Apart from customizing characters, the game also has several items that you would find in a world of wizards, like Potions, Beasts, Wands, and more.

Among other items, Potions play a major role while heading into battles, and understanding how to get them is important. So below we have made a complete guide on it.

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Potions in Hogwarts Legacy

Although Professor Snape does not take the spell-casting classes here, fans can still learn how to make their own potions in Hogwarts Legacy. Using Potions you can make combat easier since they can give you different types of stat boost or abilities. Moreover, below, you can check out how to get Potions, how many Potions there are, how you can prepare them, and more.

How to get potions in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you get used to using Potions, you must first learn how to acquire them. Hogwarts Legacy has included three ways to get potions to make life easier for fans.

These three ways are:

  • Buying Potions from Vendors
  • Brewing Potions
  • Finding Potions while Exploring

Buying Potions from Vendors

The most basic way to get Potions in Hogwarts Legacy is through vendors found in its world. Although, not all of the available potions in the game can be bought from the vendors. J. Pippins does have six of the seven ones included in the game. You can find him in Hogsmeade and the rest in the open world of Hogswart Legacy.

Brewing Potions

Brewing Potions
Credits: Avalanche Software

While buying potions from Vendors, you will also see that they sell recipes of certain spells you can use to brew them. However, brewing potions is not easy as it sounds. First, you will need to unlock the Room of Requirement and use the potion station to brew them.

You will also need ingredients and the correct ones to make each potion. These ingredients can be grown inside of pots, however, if you are someone who is not keen on growing them. Just head outside and start searching for ingredients in the vast open world. Once you have the ingredients, head to the Potion Station and start brewing them.

Finding Potions while Exploring

Hogwarts Legacy has a huge open world, and while exploring, you will find potions, resources, and all sorts of items. Apart from other items, Potions can be obtained as drops from enemies and inside of chest visiting caves and secret doorways, so get your adventure boots on! Lastly, check out all the potions and all the information you need regarding them below:

All Potions in Hogwarts Legacy and their Effects

Potion Name EffectsHow to GetIngredients Required
Wiggenweld potionIt will heal your injuries and restores your healthFirst Potions class.1x Horklump Juice
1x Dittany Leaves
EdurusThis potion will grant you a skin of rock increasing your defence and let you take more damage in battle. First Potions class.1x Ashwinder Egg
1x Mongrel Fur
Focus PotionYour spell countdown time will be reduced and you will be able to cast spells more efficiently Purchase this recipe at J. Pippins Potions – 800G1x Lacewing Flies
1x Fluxweed Stem
1x Dugbog Tongue
Maxima PotionThe damage you deal using your spells will be increased for a certain amount of time. Purchase this recipe at J. Pippins Potions – 800G1x Leech Juice
1x Spider Fang
Invisibility PotionDrinkinig this potion you will be able to turn invisible causing all enemies to lose sight of you. Enemies will not be able to detect your presence till it is active. Purchase this recipe at J. Pippins Potions – 800G1x Leaping Toadstool Caps
1x Knotgrass Sprig
1x Troll Bogeys
Thunderbrew PotionYou will be able to summon a powerful storm that will stun and deal damage to all enemies inside it. Purchase this recipe at J. Pippins Potions – 1200G1x Leech Juice
1x Shrivelfig Fruit
1x Stench of the Dead
Felix FelicisIncreases you lucky by revealing all the gear chest in the mini map during in-game day time. Free recipe for Playstation Players only and it is only available in Playstation.1x Lacewing Flies
1x Fluxweed Stem

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