Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Kill & Torture in the Game?

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Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Kill & Torture in the Game?

Want to find out if you can Kill some livings and torture them as well in Hogwarts Legacy? Let’s find out!

Hogwarts School of the Wizards wants to behold its legacy by showing young minds the way of using magic in its true sense. There are also some ancient magics that only had been used for much more “other” works. And after parting that aside, the young generation can only get to know about the history, nothing else.

However, if you truly want and that is what your heart desires, you can be a part of that ancient, powerful, and dark magic. Keep note that there is no turning away. And you might wonder what you can do with this ancient dark magic.

Hogwarts Legacy lets you roam around the vast world of Hogwarts to search for century-old lost items, relics, ruins, magics, and whatnot. As mentioned earlier, you can even choose your destiny as the darkest wizard. And today, we will discuss what objectives you can fulfill while being a dark wizard and is to kill and torture other minds is really possible or not.

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Being Evil in Hogwarts Legacy

If you were hoping to enjoy being an Evil Wizard or at least making choices that seem like they’re a bit dark, yes, there are plenty of options. You won’t be able to craft your own spells or cast curses in the game, but there’s a huge amount of detail involved in how those are taught and used by the player.

By this time, I presume you have already used some of the dark magic. Then congrats! You are already on the way to being what you are destined to be.

However, fear not, as you will also have the opportunity to reject tradition and embrace modernity. Now, as that is none of our concern, we will head towards what you can do by holding the dark power.

Can You Kill and Torture in Hogwarts Legacy?

At this point, you are using the unforgivable curses every now and then. Not going to lie, but that is where the most fun lies. Before we get into depth, let’s make it clear once and for all; yes, you can kill and torture other minds in Hogwarts Legacy.

We can use Crucio to torture others. It was first seen to appear in HP and the Goblet of Fire. We have also seen the devastating mental pain it can cause. And you can cast it in Hogwarts Legacy as well. As there is no morality guide for it, you can use it to your heart’s extent. It is not like you have reached your daily limit, and it kills you in the mid-game, no.

Now, there is another one. That is the Imperio. You cannot torture with it, but you can do much worse. You can take control of others’ minds. However, this seems to be the only unforgivable curse that can be defended against.

And the most abominable spell of them all, the death curse. Yes, it is nothing other than the Avada Kedavra. It takes only one shot to put someone out of their misery. Unless or until you are protected by sacrificial protection, even restarting Hogwarts Legacy will not be enough; I’m just kidding.

Now, talking about using on the fellow mates and other NPCs roaming around, you can use that unforgivable curses on them. However, there are some consequences reported by the Hogwarts Legacy Officials.

Needless to say, Avada Kedavra-ing on your fellow mates will not go unnoticed by others. People will fear you; they will express their anger upon you. There may also have consequences like putting a distrust label on you. To avoid that, just make sure no one is looking around while you forgive others by the unforgivable curses.

And that is all I on being able to kill and torture in Hogwarts Legacy. Until next time.

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