Hogwarts Legacy: List Of All Characters In The Game

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Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of characters you can interact with. Here is a list of all the characters you will find in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is the way to experience Hogwarts as a student. The game has made Hogwarts and a few of the surrounding areas from the reference of the movies. So whether you are a fan of Harry Potter or not, you will be sure to have a good time exploring the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is a pretty big game. It has over 100 side quests. And then you have your main quests. So throughout the game, you will meet many characters. Not all of them are equally important, but you will get to interact with them since they are in the game.

Listing down all the characters is not an easy task regarding Hogwarts Legacy. Being a student in the school, you have your classmates, teachers, and many other characters/creatures that live in Hogwarts. Here is a list of all the characters you will meet in the Hogwarts Legacy.

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List of All Characters in Hogwarts Legacy

Since there are a lot of characters in the game, we will divide the characters into a few major sections. Then we will discuss the characters and list them in that guide’s section.


Since you will be a student at Hogwarts, teachers are going to be one of the bigger characters. There are a few teachers you will get to meet that will educate you on different subjects and topics. Here are all the professors you get to meet in the game:

  • Professor Eleazar Fig
  • Abraham Ronen
  • Dinah Hecat
  • Professor Matilda Weasley
  • Aesop Sharp
  • Mirabel Garlick
  • Natsai Onai’s Mother (Name not known)
  • Phineas Nigellus Black
  • Cuthbert Binns (Also a Ghost)

Among all the professors, Elazar Fig is going to be the one with the most influence over the main story as he is the one who will look into the events of the main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Aesop Sharp professor in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


You will see many students attending the class beside you. However, they do not have any role to play in the story. Here are all the students you will see around Hogwarts:

  • Everett
  • Hector Weasley
  • Hector Jenkins
  • Nellie Oggspire
  • Nerida Roberts
  • Constance Dagworth
  • Zenobia Noke
  • Leander Prewett
  • Lucan Brattleby
  • Imelda
Student - professor in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


Unlike the other students, companions are the ones that will help you through the story of the game. Right now, there are four different companions confirmed for the game. These are:

  • Natasi Onai – House Gryffindor
  • Amit Thakkar – House Ravenclaw
  • Poppy Sweeting – House Hufflepuff
  • Sebastian Sallow – House Slytherin


Every Hogwarts needs its ghosts. Hogwarts Legacy will also have a few ghosts roaming around the halls of Hogwarts. You can even interact with some of them. Here are the Ghost characters you can find in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Professor Cuthbert
  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • Peeves
Ghosts in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


There aren’t many named characters for the villain section of the game. We will be fighting goblins and dark wizards throughout the story. So we know the name of the leader of these factions. They are:

  • Ranrok – the goblin faction leader
  • Victor Rookwood – the dark wizard’s leader


There are two more characters you will meet that cannot be categorized in any section. These are:

  • Deek – the house-elf
  • Madam Cassandra Mason – Found on PS5 exclusive quest

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