Hogwarts Legacy: All Trophies & Achievements

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If you complete quests and missions, you will learn several Trophies and Achievements and go forward in your gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy. This guide will show you all Trophies and Achievements of Hogwarts Legacy.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can attend courses in the game, just like in the Hogwarts film series. Moreover, you can also travel to well-known locations like Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest, and many others. You can choose your character’s gender and alter every aspect of them to suit your preferences.

Players will be offered a variety of missions, quests, and exploration activities; if they succeed or complete the prerequisites, they will quickly level up and unlock potent equipment and spells, as well as fighting skills, among other things. Players will also receive mystical companions like Mooncalves, Trolls, and Dragons. You will get different types of Trophies and achievements if you complete the storylines and finish quests properly.

Trophies and Achievements are one of the main attractions in the game. You can play this game on Xbox, PlayStation, etc. But to get the Platinum Trophy, you must play through PlayStation consoles. You cannot have this Trophy on PC or Xbox, but you will get others in specific circumstances.

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All Trophies & Achievements

All Trophies and Achievement for Hogwarts Legacy are down below:

Trophy/AchievementHow To Earn It
PlatinumEarn all Trophies
The Sort Who Makes an EntranceDo the intro and the sorting ceremony
Grappling with a GraphornDefeat The Lord of The Shore in the game
The One Who Mastered MemoriesWatch the Reflective Memories
The Hallowed Hero Flourish a Deathly hallow
The Hero of HogwartsDefeat Ranrok
The Seeker of KnowledgeGet the House Cup
The Avenging GazelleFinish Natsai Onai’s Bloodline
The Defender of DragonsFind and save a Dragon
Beast FriendsFinish a Poppy Sweeting relationship line
A Sallow GraveFinish Sebastian Sallow’s relation line
Flight the Good FlightDo all the Broom Race and outrun Imelda’s time limit
The Toast of the TownBecome a Slytherin and get the Map Chamber
The Good Samaritan Finish and complete all the Side Quests
Challenge AcceptedComplete and finish all types and tiers of a Challenge
Collector’s EditionGet all the collectibles and complete the collection
A Keen Sense of Spell Suplicate Ancient Magic
Loom for ImprovementUpgrade a gear part
The Root of the ProblemUse Mandrake and deal damage to 10 enemies
The Nature of the Beast Breed all kinds of Beasts in the game
Going Through the PotionsCreate all types of Potions
Put Down RootsGrow all plants
Third Time’s a CharmUpgrade a gear three times
The Auror’s ApprenticeBecome a Hufflepuff and find the Map Chamber
A Talent for SpendingUse and spend 5 Talent Points that you got
Savvy Spender Get and spend all Talent Points
Room with a ViewGet to the Headmaster’s Upper Study, which is the top level
Spilled MilkUse Flipendo 10 times
Floo Around the World Unlock and get all Floo Flames
Followed the ButterfliesFollow butterflies and get close to a treasure
Rise to the Challenges Destroy enemies in all the battlefields/arenas
Merlin’s Beard!Finish all the quests of Merlin’s
The Intrepid ExplorerExplore and find all the Dungeons
Coasting AlongGo to Poidsear Coast
The Gryffindor in the Graveyard Become a Gryffindor and get the Map Chamber
Demiguise DreadGet all the Demiguise Statues
The Ends Petrify the Means Use Petrifcus Totalus and defeat 50 enemies
Raising Expectations Reach the level of Combo 10
Finishing TouchesUse Ancient Magic to conquer all types of enemies
The Spell Master Learn all the spells
A Forte for Achievement Get to Level 40
The Wise Owl Become a Ravenclaw and get the Map Chamber
First Class Student Attend the first class
Troll with the PunchesIn Hogsmeade, get out alive from the troll attack
That’s a KeeperFind and meet Charles Rookwood in the Map Chamber
Rising From the AshesFind and save the Phoenix
All Trophies & Achievements

These are all the Trophies and Achievements in Hogwarts Legacy.

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