Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – All Weapons Guide

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credits: Koei Tecmo

Everything you need to know about weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to start your adventure.

Team Ninja’s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes its own spin on the Soulsborne genre. You play as a nameless soldier set in the ancient Chinese of the Three Kingdoms period—a time of strife, uncertainty, and war. Consequently, you’re tasked with defending your homeland and kingdom, uncovering mysteries of the land, and, most importantly, fighting giant monsters and demons.

Like all Soulsborne games, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty too has its own unique quirk to make it stand out among the crowd. These include the Spirit mechanic, where offensive moves increase while defensive moves decrease Spirit. The stored Spirit unleashes powerful attacks by applying different martial arts from weapons.

These cool attacks and moves can’t be made without using deadly weapons. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty excels in this field by offering multiple types of weapons for multiple playstyles. Furthermore, you can also use spells from different elements, and the best one of all, summoning Divine Beasts from Chinese mythology to aid you in battle.

But your best friend would be the weapon you wield. The weapon type determines how fast or slow the weapon is, how hard it is, how heavy or light it is, its abilities, effects on your Spirit, and attack movesets. Hence for this guide, we list down all the weapons you can use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and their attributes. Hence, helping you to choose which one’s the best for you and your play style.

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All Weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty All Weapons Guide
credits: Koei Tecmo

There are three types of weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. These are I) Melee, II) Ranged, and III) Thrown. Furthermore, each weapon also has its elemental affinity or Phase Virtue, which mostly helps you control Spirit and Spells.

Till now, there are 66 weapons you can use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Each weapon type has its move-set, strengths, and weaknesses.

Melee Weapons

1) Halberd

Halberds are a combination of a spear and an axe. Hence, making them suitable for medium-range combat. Halberds are a good choice to play defensively from a safe distance. Deal quick and hard-hitting damage from a distance without the enemies closing up on you.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bronze Halberd7545E-C-D-
Cavalry Halberd7743E-D-C-
Sky-Piercing Halberd20740Prancing DragonA-D+C+

2) Dual Halberds

Dual Halberds are a cooler version of the Halberd. As the name suggests, you fight with two Halberds. This means you’ll be fighting with two long polearms. Dual Halberds allow you to fight with extra mobility, speed, and combos that can also be used to crowd control.

Weapon NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Dual Halberds of Lady Hao20036A-C+D+
Dual Marquis Halberds6742E-C-D-
Dual Reaper Halberds15240
Crescent Gale
Tiger Fang Dual Halberds7337Thorn CleaveE-C-D-
Dual Rooster-Crowing Halberds7138E-C-D-

3) Poleaxe

Poleaxes share some similarities with the Halberd. Both can attack from a distance, giving the players much freedom of movement and hitting multiple enemies simultaneously. But since Poleaxes are fitted with a giant axe, they can be used to do crushing damage that can nullify enemy defenses.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bronze Poleaxe7847E-C-D-
Guard Poleaxe8044E-C-D-
Vermilion Bird Greataxe7948Hidden UndercurrentsC-D-E-

4) Spear

Spears are for the defensive players. The players who like calculating their and the enemy’s positions and movements before landing can perform a perfect hit. However, since Spears only allow thrusts, you are limited in how you can attack. But Spears still provides a good move set for a strategic combat style to overwhelm enemies slowly.

Moreover, like the Halbeard and Poleaxes, Spears offers attacking from a distance. In fact, Spears can be used for both medium and long-range combat.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Cavalry Javelin6735C-E-D-
Heavy Cavalry Spear7033D-C-E-
Spear of the Hegemon-King19732A-C+D+
Unparalleled Spear6934Whistling VortexE-C-D-
Wooden Poled Spear5037E-D-C-

5) Slashing Spear

Slashing Spears work similarly to normal Spears, but they offer both slash and thrust attacks allowing wielders to be more independent with their combos and risk a close-range standoff.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bronze Spear11749C-BE-
Invictus Serpent Spear7945Python TurnoverD-C-E-
Iron Poled Snake Spear7647Parting GrassE-C-D-
Iron Septum7846E-C-D-
Spear of King Fuchai20744A-C+D+

6) Glaive

Glaives are polearms with a large and heavy sword-like attachment at one end. This makes the Glaive excellent strength but, on the other hand, a slow attack and recovery time. Use them when you have practiced movement and dodge timings.

Nevertheless, they are strong enough to take down enemies with minimal blows quickly.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive8046Soaring PhoenixC-D-E-
Curve-Headed Glaive7748Mongrel’s RampartC-D-E-
Polearm Podao6852C-D-E-
Triumphant Conquest16745Feasting UrsineC-A-D-

7) Hammer

Hammers are among the heaviest, if not the heaviest, weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Hence, it is a very slow and cumbersome weapon with a short range. If you can overlook these, Hammers cause devastating damage by blowing enemies away or crushing them into the ground. Suitable for dealing with bosses or slower enemies. They have a moderately low deflect difficulty.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Great Club of Polaris8050Boulder GlideD-C-E-
Great Wooden Hammer7652E-C-D-
Master Smith Hammer8149D-E-C-
Quake Griffin Hammer18748Mountain BusterD-A-C+
Wolf Fang Club8051E-C-D-

8) Sword

Like in all games, Swords are the most balanced and the most versatile weapon to use. In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, swords are the optimal choice if you have no fixed playstyle and love experimenting with offensive, defensive, short-range, ranged, or combo-oriented combat. You can do it all with a Sword. It has a very high deflect difficulty.

Swords have amazing slashes and thrusts that provide a great combo set for taking down enemies in a 1v1 situation.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bronze Sword4934C-E-E-
Halo5530Sun PiercerD-C-E-
Heaven’s Reliance5829Dawning SkyC-D-E-
Iron Sword5133D-C-E-
Jade-Guarded Sword5531C-E-D-
Ritual Sword of Chaos4635Sword of ChaosD-E-C-
Saint’s Virtue5332Cosmic SyzygyC-E-D-
Sword of Yu The Great18627Starlight BladeC+D+A-

9) Dual Swords

With two swords in your hands, you can become virtually unstoppable. Dual Swords give you immense speed and agility to attack enemies as fast as a lightning strike. But not as hard-hitting as Dual Swords falls short regarding raw damage dealt. But you can easily compensate for its variation of high-speed combos to quickly neutralize enemies of all types and sizes.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bronze Dual Swords4428D-E-C-
Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords4826E-D-C-
Gan Jiang and Mo Ye15922C+D-A-
Pair Swords of Aspiration5124Endless FloweringD-E-C-

10) Staff

Staves are blunt weapons that are, although not as great as swords but can still be a good all-rounded option. Weapons from the Staff class can provide a mix of good attacking and agility to dish out amazing combos.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bronze Polearm Mace5726C-D-E-
Five-Colored Cudgel4929C-D-E-
Golden Staff of King Yufu19927AD+B
Jade-Green Staff5233Fanning PeacockC-E-D_
Night Owl Cane5328Nightbird SpinE-C-D-
Soaring Ursine Mace10225Panther’s GiftC-BE-
White Wooden Cudgel4631C-D-E-

11) Straight Sabre

Straight Sabres are similar to Swords in terms of range, speed, attacking, combos, and countering, except that Straight Sabres can provide a better range of attack due to their wide slashes.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Dire Tiger5923Lightspeed GustE-C-D-
Ring Pommel Sabre5225C-E-D-
Sirius6022Violet SandstormE-D-C-

12) Curved Sabre

Curved Sabres are more or less like Sabres or other Swords, but their curved blade gives them an extra advantage. Its range does not come from its forward directing reach, but due to its curve, the Curved Sabre hits with a wide arc, such as sweeping attacks. Hence, unlike most swords, the Curved Sabre also easily fights multiple enemies simultaneously.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Drought Demon Blade15520Shimmering SunA-C+D-
Qiang Scimitar4722E-D-C-
Guding Blade9121Thunderous ImpactC-BE-

13) Dual Sabres

You’ll love the Dual Sabers if you like the Sabre for its reach, attack, movesets, and high speed. Dual Sabres lets you fight with insane speed and mobility. Combining the Sabre’s high weapon reach and agility, you get from the Dual Sabres; you can easily cut down multiple enemies before they can attempt to land a hit.

Perfect for the players who love to play with combos and fight closeup. Being fast is key with Dual Sabres.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackUnique Martial ArtsWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Hook Blades of King Helu4918Falling LeafE-D-C-
Hundred-Forged Sabres4819E-C-D-
Mounted Bandit Scimitars4222D-E-C-

Ranged Weapons

1) Bow

Bows help you pick off stragglers and weaker enemies from a safe distance or even help you drain some enemy HP from a distance before it notices you and approaches you. Bows’ low damage output means you should never rely on them for primary use.

Nevertheless, it has its uses in strategy, attacking large groups of enemies or even escaping. Since Bows are accurate weapons, you can even easily target weak points.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bamboo Bow3710A+
Feathered Cavalry Bow4211A+
Flying General’s Bow16913A+D+
Tiger Hunting Bow4012A-E-

2) Crossbow

Crossbows are much stronger than Bows and Arrows and can eliminate stronger enemies if you aim correctly.

On the other hand, Crossbows are heavy and have a high reload time, so Crossbows can only be safely used from a good distance and in hiding, or else you’ll get countered easily.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bamboo Crossbow4613A+
Yellow-Shouldered Crossbow5514A+

3) Repeating Crossbow

Repeating Crossbows lets you repeatedly shoot bolts in exchange for range. Thanks to this and its lightweight, you can take out multiple weaker enemies by also letting you move while firing.

If you’re quick enough, you can do hit-and-runs with the Repeating Crossbow to quickly break up enemy groups and escape to a safe distance.

NameBase AttackSpirit AttackWoodFireEarthMetalWater
Bamboo Repeating Crossbow18214A+
Colonel Repeating Crossbow8215A+

Thrown Weapons

1) Throwing Knife

Deals small damage from afar. Useful for chipping health off of enemies or bosses before going into attack up close.

2) Poison Throwing Knife

Works just like the Throwing Knife but causes targets to hit to become poisoned. The poison status can also be stacked.

3) Fire Pot

Fire Pots light the area around it on fire, burning enemies from Flame damage if hit by the fire. Causing their health to decrease gradually. Ideal for crowd control.

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