When Prestige and Gemstone Skins are Getting Removed from League of Legends?

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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When will Prestige and Gemstone Skins be Removed

League of Legends’ Prestige Edition and Mythic Skins will get even rarer as Riot plans to remove them from the loot pools very soon.

Earlier this year, Riot announced a complete overhaul of their rarest skin tiers — Mythic, prestige, hextech, and some other skins that can be claimed by gemstones. Riot also announced the retirement of the Hextech skin line and introduced new seasonal thematics for Mythic Essence-exclusive skins. For season 2022, that theme will be Ashen Knight, and they will kick things off with Ashen Knight Pyke.

And with the mythic content overhaul, Prestige edition skins and gemstone skins will be removed from loot boxes and reroll.

Currently, you can collect all the previous prestige edition skins for 100 prestige points each. And all the gemstone skins for 10 gemstones each. However, Patch 12.5 will be the last patch you can do so as Riot will officially remove all prestige and gemstone skins on patch 12.6, which is scheduled to go live on March 30, 2022. Prestige Points (2020) will expire on March 24, 2022.

Mythic Essence
Mythic Essence, Image Source: Riot Games

After that, all the previous gemstone and prestige skins will go into a ‘vault,’ like the legacy vault. It means that they will not be available anymore. But don’t be alarmed, as Riot has mentioned how you will be able to obtain them going forward with ‘Mythic Essence.’

When will Previous Mythic Skins be Available Again

Riot will replace the old Gemstone shop with Mythic Shop. And in the new shop, Riot will unvault two old prestige skins and two gemstone skins which will rotate after a certain time. Prestige skins will rotate every month, and the gemstone skins will rotate every three months.

Prestige Skins

The price of these skins will be the lowest the first time they are unvaulted. For Prestige Skins, prices will be:

  • 1st unvault – 125 ME
  • 2nd unvault – 150 ME (2019 prestige Skins will start at this price from the beginning)
  • Any subsequent unvault – 200 ME (2018 prestige skins will start at this price from the beginning)

Gemstone Skins

And for the Gemstone skins:

  • 1st unvault – 100 ME
  • Any subsequent unvault – 125 ME

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.