Weekly LCK Power Rankings and Must Watch Matches in this week

LCK has wrapped up it’s first week of games and we bring to you our updated power rankings

LCK has had it’s first slate of games. Some of the games have looked pretty interesting while others have looked fairly one-sided. Hence, we bring you our weekly LCK Power Rankings. We will be doing a power rankings for the LCK every Tuesday. Let’s jump right into it.

Previous Power Rankings

Our previous Power Rankings is as follows:

  1. DWG KIA
  2. T1
  3. Gen.G
  4. Hanwha Life Esports
  5. Nongshim RedForce
  6. Afreeca Freecs
  7. KT Rolster
  8. Liiv SANDBOX
  9. DRX
  10. Fredit Brio

This rankings was made based on our tier list and how the teams stacked up on paper. Now that a few games have been played, we can put out our updated power rankings.

Weekly Power Rankings

Our weekly power rankings does not deviate much from the power rankings we put out before the LCK started. Number 5 to 8 could be easily interchanged but we put it in this order due to strength of schedule and other criteria. In summary, DRX and KT have jumped up and NS and AF have fallen down. Hence, based on this week, our updated power rankings is as follows


The king of LCK remains the king after the first week. T1 vs DWG KIA (DK) was spectacular to watch and DK came out with a win. Khan has fit in splendidly and ShowMaker has stepped up to the challenge. They are best team in the LCK on paper and they are playing like one.

2. T1

T1 is right up there with DK in terms of performances. They competed with DK in their match against each other but lost 1-2. There is a lot of upsides to take away from the team so far. The rotation of the squad seems to be working and it seems they will be doing it all split. It brings more versatility with the team and different strategies can be implemented. Whether it translates to overtaking DK later in the split is what we need to look forward to.

3. Gen.G

Gen.G has looked dominant this week. They stomped all their opponents and are playing lights out. They rank in the top three in both early game and mid to late game ratings. However, it will a test for them going forward when they play better teams especially in the upcoming week against T1. All in all, a great week for them and good momentum going forward.

4. Hanwha Life Esports

HLE was competitive against T1 but lost the series 2-1 in favor of T1. They did win against DRX in a hard fought series and they are experiencing some growing pains at the moment. They are a new team with new players coming into the organization. It will take some time for them to settle in but they have competed in every series they have played. Thus, they deserve this spot in the power rankings.

4 5. DRX

DRX is better than what we expected. DRX’s mid to late game has been one of the best in the LCK so far. However, their early game has been one of the worst in the LCK. Given they have had coaching issues with cvMax’s suspension and Ssong coming in but they have looked better than what we anticipated. They did fall short to HLE but beat AF. Though all the series were close, it’s a good step forward for them to get 1 series win and improve and compete with other teams in the league.

1 6. KT Rolster

KT has had a decent start to the season. Despite getting swept by Gen.G, they swept LSB and have played well in games. Blank has been outstanding so far, being top in KDA amongst all junglers. Ucal is also playing well and there is upside with the team. However, consistency will be a key for them to see if they can play well against opponents of the same caliber as them.

2 7. Nongshim RedForce

NS has had a rougher start. DK swept them and they had a competitive series with Liiv SANDBOX. It’s a similar story for them just like DRX, both have bad early games but great mid to late game strategies. They could easily interchange in the rankings in the future but beating LSB in a hard fought series is hardly what you hope for in a potential playoff team. It’s early days so we can expect improvement from the team going forward.

2 8. Afreeca Freecs

AF’s start to the split has been rocky. They faltered against DRX but won against Fredit Brion, which is possibly the worst team in the LCK. Their early has been exceptional but their mid to late game rating is pretty bad for Week 1. There are improvements to be made with the team and their new bot lane is playing well. With time, they will get better as a team and be in contention for the playoffs.

2 9. Liiv SANDBOX

LSB did not start off well in the split. They lose 4 out of 5 games they have played in 2 series. While they competed with NS, they got outplayed by KT. Their team play is lacking and if they can improve on that, they will make some noise in the LCK.

10. Fredit Brion

Like we anticipated, sadly Brion is the worst team in the LCK. There isn’t a lot of positives to take away for them. They got swept in both their losses. However, they are a new organization and team in the LCK, so it will take more time for them to be relevant in the LCK.

Must Watch Matches This Week

There are a few interesting games to watch this week. Here they are:

  • DRX vs Nongshim RedForce: DRX will look to carry over their momentum after the win over AF. On the other hand, NS will look to bounce back from the bad loss to DK.
  • T1 vs Gen.G: Undoubtedly the match of the week, two of the top 3 teams in the LCK are facing off. Gen.G has looked dominant and T1 has played really well against DK and HLE. It will be a great match to watch.
  • Hanwha Life Esports vs Gen.G: This matchup will prove whether HLE is a top contender or not. There is a lot riding for HLE to compete properly against a great team in Gen.G

Besides these three games, there are some other interesting matches to watch in the LCK as Week 2 starts up tomorrow.

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