Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule Rewards

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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The Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule will start dropping soon, and here’s how you can get them.

One of the biggest League of Legends tournaments of the year, the League of Legends World Championship, is about to start soon. Starting October 10, twenty-two of the best teams from around the world will be competing for the title of the World Champions.

That said, like every other major esports event, Riot will be enabling the Esports Capsule drops for Worlds 2023. For the event, Riot will be giving out the Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule. The capsules will contain new Emotes, Icons, and regular esports capsules. Players who watch this year’s Worlds event live via Riots partnered channels will be liable to earn the Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule.

In this article, we will go through the process of how you can earn the Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule and its rewards.

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How to Earn The Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule

The process of getting these capsules is relatively simple to follow. Here are all the steps needed to earn the capsules.

  • Go to the official LoL Esports website.
  • Click on the Login button in the top right corner.
LOL Esports Login
  • Login to your desired Riot account.
  • Tune in to matches live during the Scheduled Date.

Voilà, you are now eligible to earn the Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule.


Note: Be sure to check if there is a Cyan Tick beside the Rewards icon. It indicates whether you are eligible or not. If you see the Red Cross sign instead, you are still ineligible. In that case, reload the page, and you should be fine.

The rewards will be automatically redeemed on your account, though it might take some time.

Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule Rewards?

From the Worlds 2023 Esports Capsule, you can earn regular Esports Capsules, Emotes, and Icons. Moreover, you can earn new Esports Emotes and Icons, which will only be distributed via these capsules.

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