Warzone 2.0’s Building 21 Speculations Led Fans to Believe More Maps Might Arrive in DMZ

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Activision

Warzone 2.0’s latest mid-season update added a mysterious location Building 21, to DMZ mode. However, DMZ’s new choose location screen is making players curious.

DMZ is the latest addition to the Warzone franchise. It is Call of Duty’s take on the massively popular Escape From Tarkov. Since DMZ’s launch, Activision and Infinity Ward received appreciation from their player base for adding something new to the game. So, it was a win for Call of Duty.

And it looks like Infinity Ward is not done with DMZ just yet. With the Season 1 Reloaded update, DMZ got a mysterious location. However, Activision also said that the location is not inside Al Mazrah, leading players to believe more locations or maps will be added to DMZ.

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More Location Coming to DMZ?

In the Season 1 Reloaded patch notes, Infinity Ward mentions, “Mysterious new keys have arrived in Al Mazrah… but where do they lead? Limited intel on access to the biological laboratory known as Building 21 will take players outside of Al Mazrah and into a hyper-dangerous new area of DMZ.”

Additionally, Infinity Ward also added a “choose location” menu in the DMZ menu. Although only Al Mazrah can be selected as a deployment location for now, fans speculate more maps or locations will be added later.

Many may argue that Infinity Ward added this screen just so they could add Building 21 here. However, many fans also speculate that “not just BIG major maps… but intense small ones too” will be added to the DMZ later on, similar to EFT.

Others speculate that the previously leaked Resurgence map, in addition to Al Almas, might also be added to DMZ in the future. Whatever the case is, players are excited to find out what lies ahead.

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