Warzone 2.0: The Haunting All Rewards and How to Get Them

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Warzone 2.0’s The Haunting event allows players to unlock exclusive rewards by exchanging souls. Let’s look at all the rewards available in the Haunting event.

Call of Duty Warzone 1 introduced large-scale in-game events for different occasions. One such event is The Haunted, which took the player base by storm as it introduced Zombie Royale and a night version of the BR map.

Like its predecessor, Warzone 2.0 also received its own version of The Haunted. It introduced the night version of Al Mazrah alongside modes like Vondead and Zombie Royale, coming just a few days before Halloween.

Aside from the limited-time game modes, players have also received new skin crossover bundles like Ash Williams and Alucard. Moreover, players will also get free, exclusive rewards for participating in the event

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Warzone 2.0 The Haunted Daily Rewards

Players who log in every day during the Haunted event will get daily rewards. Here are all the daily rewards:

  • XP Tokens
  • Happy Pumpkin (Charm)
  • Evil Goat (Emblem)
  • Eye Contact (Weapon Sticker)
  • War Snake (Player Card)
  • Triplets, Kinda (Weapon Sticker)
  • Hell’s Army (Loading Screen)
  • Halloween Witch (Weapon Sticker)
  • Nightmare Sweats (Weapon Blueprint)

Warzone 2.0 The Haunted Soul Capture Rewards

Warzone 2 Haunting Rewards
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Players can claim souls during the Haunted in Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2, which can later be used to claim exclusive limited-time rewards. Here are all the rewards and how many souls are needed to unlock them in Warzone 2.0 and MW2-

  • “Gone Batty” (Weapon Sticker) – 12 Souls
  • “Join Me” (Loading Screen) – 15 Souls
  • “Snake Eye” (Emblem) – 15 Souls
  • “Skullified” (Calling Card) – 30 Souls
  • Double Weapon XP Token (30 minutes) – 30 Souls
  • “Bad Luck?” (Charm) – 30 Souls
  • “From the Dead” (Charm) – 30 Souls
  • “It’s Boo Time” – 30 Souls
  • “Bit Corny” (Charm) – 60 Souls
  • “Carved Up” (Weapon Sticker) – 60 Souls
  • “Acedia” (Calling Card) – 60 Souls
  • “Creature Copter” (Vehicle Skin) – 90 Souls
  • Battle Pass Tier Skip – 90 Souls
  • Battle Pass Tier Skip – 90 Souls
  • “Alien Death Ray” (Handgun Weapon Blueprint) – 150 Souls
  • “Violent End” (Weapon Blueprint) – 200 Souls
  • “Ghoulie” (Camo) – 1000 Souls

So, go ahead and blast through the Haunting’s jump scares to bag these limited-time exclusive in-game rewards for free. Follow our Call of Duty guides for more loadouts, tips, and tricks.

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