Verhulst is Leaving TSM and Was Sold to Pioneers for 1,000,000 USD According to ImperialHal

In a recent stream, ImperialHal shared some inside info about Verhulst leaving TSM. He was allegedly sold to Pioneers for a million USD.

TSM has been facing a lot of ups and downs competing in the Apex Legends competitive scene. The organization, which was once a dominating name, is barely making it to the top 5 placements in recent tournaments.

A few days back, ImperialHal was talking about quitting TSM or leaving Apex Legends competitive. He was also considering joining other teams as he is “just so tired of losing.” But it seems like TSM has a different plan for the roster.

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Verhulst Leaving TSM

After Snip3down left TSM to compete in HALO, Verhulst joined the team and replaced Snip3down as the controller player. Before joining TSM, Verhulst was considered a rising superstar. So, TSM’s future seemed brighter than ever, with Verhulst as the fragger and Hal as the IGL.

However, even with Verhulst, TSM failed to show results and return to its former glory. While everyone thought TSM would shine with Verhulst, Hal, and Reps combo, it looked quite the opposite with the trio.

So, after TSM’s continuous poor performance with little to no success, a must needed change was inevitable. And it seems like TSM will make the change starting with Verhulst. In a recent stream, ImperialHal talked about Verhulst’s future with TSM.

Verhulst was allegedly sold to Pioneers for 1 Million USD. The young prodigy was also seen teaming with Gnaske and Sirdel to compete in a LAN tournament under Pioneers. So, it seems like Hal was not joking around.

Later, ImperialHal talked about picking SweetDreams to TSM’s Apex roster. If you didn’t know already, SweetDreams is also an IGL currently playing under the NRG banner. He is also viewed as one of the best IGLs in the world.

So, if SweetDreams joins TSM, he might replace ImperialHal as an IGL, and Hal will completely focus on his individual performance. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see how this whole TSM situation plays out.

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