Imperialhal Considers Leaving TSM or Apex Legends Competitive Scene, Says “I’m Just So Tired of Losing”

After a series of rough events, Imperialhal is on the verge of giving up. He is even considering leaving TSM or quitting Apex competitive scene.

Imperialhal is one of the most popular names in the Apex Legends community. He is considered a mechanically gifted player and arguably the best IGL in the game. Though he is deemed a toxic player by many players in the community, he is still one of the most influential personalities in Apex Legends.

Since Apex Legends’ rise, Imperialhal has been playing with TSM. We all remember the deadly Hal, Reps, and Albralelie Trio. Together, they dominated the early Apex Legends competitive scene and made a history.

However, things started to fall apart with Mac, AKA Albralelie leaving TSM. Things didn’t turnaround for TSM even after Snip3down joined the roster. Eventually, Snip3down also left TSM to compete in HALO, and Verhulst, one of the best controller players and a rising star, took his place.

Even so, TSM failed to show results and get back to its former glory. They were not the same team they once were. Apart from ALGS: 2022 Split 1 NA Playoffs, TSM didn’t manage to win a single A or S-Tier tournament in 2022. In the past 20 games, TSM placed an average of 5-6th positions, which is not sitting well for Imperialhal.

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Imperialhal Considers Leaving TSM or Quitting Competitive Scene

After TSM’s continuous poor performance with little to no success, Imperialhal is on the verge of losing it. It is not unusual for Imperialhal to verbally express his emotions and anger openly in streams. However, his recent act might’ve demonstrated just more than that.

In a recent match of a small tournament, TSM got squad wiped by a team at the beginning of a game. After that, Imperialhal got angry because of always getting targeted by different teams in almost every tournament.

Imperialhal also partly got upset with his team for not listening to his calls. Overall, he got pretty frustrated with the whole situation, especially because of the random teams landing on them constantly. “Why do I have a team that is not even qualified for Pro League landing on us?! They’re just wasting our time!!”, Imperialhal said.

The Video topic starts at 00:40 and ends on 5:20

Later on, after spectating the same team that wipes them, he adds, “They don’t even know what they’re doing. They’re just running around the f**ing map, doing whatever the f**. They’ve no idea what they’re doing. One game they’re going Thermal, one game they’re going Survey, one game they’re going Cyphon. Like holy f**, like actual idiots, go back to f**ing Arena bro.”

“Yes, I’m angry. I’m tired of f**ing losing bro. I’m at a brink of like, either just not playing competitive anymore or just join another team, like actually. I’m so tired of it. I’m tired of like dying to stupid f**ing shit, dealing with stupid f**ing teams that just don’t know what they’re doing. I’d rather just not play instead of losing anymore. I’m like actually just at that point. I don’t fucking care anymore.”, he further adds.

Later in the clip, he continues to explain why he is considering quitting competitive or changing the team. He seemed quite angry, upset, and frustrated by how he reacted, and not like anything we’ve seen before. We recommend you go over the clip to get a better idea of what happened.

Nonetheless, whether Imperialhal will leave TSM and join another team or quit competitive is still a big if. However, the way things are going for him, we might witness the end of the TSM and Imperialhal era.

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