VCT 2024 Masters Will be Held in Shanghai China

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Credit: Riot Games

The destination for the VCT 2024 Masters, the second international tournament for VALORANT next year, has been selected. And it’ll be held in Shanghai, China.

With the VALORANT 2023 Champions, the VCT of this year is finally coming to an end. As Riot Games always likes to stay one step ahead of everyone else, they have already started planning the upcoming VCT and how it will run throughout the year.

Riot Games just officially released VALORANT in the Chinese market. To make it more interesting for the Chinese community, VALORANT has announced the VCT 2024 Masters to be held in Shangai China.

The last year’s Masters event was held in Tokyo, Japan. Fnatic won the Masters trophy and snatched an extra VALORANT 2023 Champions slot for the EMEA region. Hopefully, the next year’s Masters tournament will bring more surprises to the VALORANT esports scene.

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VCT Masters 2024: Shanghai, China

“With the launch of VALORANT in China, we wanted to bring one of the biggest esports events on the VCT calendar to our newest community! Over the past months teams from the region have begun to leave their mark on the international stage, most recently with EDG’s incredible run at Masters Tokyo. Shanghai has played host to legendary esports events like the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, and we will have many surprises in store for fans attending in person and watching online!” – Riot Games

More information regarding the exact venues and whereabouts will be released later. So, keep your eyes on the GameRiv website to stay up-to-date about the latest VCT news.

VCT 2024 Masters Event Schedule and Format

Masters Shanghai will take place in late spring 2023. Three teams from each international league: Pacific, America, and EMEA will be qualified for Masters. Additionally, the winner of the first VCT 2024 international event will participate in VCT 2024 Masters.

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