Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Smith IV

Vampire Survivors frequently adds new characters—like the latest ghost character in the game, Smith IV. Here is how you can unlock him.

Vampire Survivor is a reverse bullet hell game where you take on waves of enemies to survive on top. Here, your character is the one shooting out tons of bullets and other projectiles. But that doesn’t make you invincible.

The goal for your character is to survive for 30 minutes. But this time, the enemies will continue to grow in number and strength. To counter that, you will also gain new weapons and upgrades for your old weapons.

Other than that, there are several characters you can play with. The latest edition to the character roster is Smith IV. Here is how you can unlock him in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Unlock Smith IV in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking Smith IV is very easy. You don’t need to complete any challenge or find any coffin to unlock him. Instead, you have to enter a sequence of codes to unlock him. Follow these steps to unlock Smith IV:

  • First, go to the Start Menu.
  • Now, type the word spam while you are on that menu. You will have 30 seconds to complete the other code typing after this.
  • Now, go to the next screen, which is the character selection screen. Here, type the word spam again.
  • After that, go to the stage selection screen and type spam for the last time.
  • Finally, start the level, and as soon as the clock starts ticking, type humbug.

This will unlock Smith IV in the shop for you to buy.

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