How to Unlock (& Use) Milky Way Map in Vampire Survivors

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Poncle

Vampire Survivors is an indie game with addictive gameplay. As you play through different levels of the game, you will find more power-ups and permanent upgrades. The Milky Way map is one of them. Here you will learn how to get and use it.

Vampire Survivors is a rouge-lite where your goal is to survive for 30 minutes while waves of enemies try to kill you. The progression elements come in the form of different upgrades throughout your playing. It has a permanent power-up system that you can use.

One of the best things you can unlock is the Milky Way Map which unlocks all the area maps. The map also shows the player what kind of power-ups are scattered around the stage. You can go to those power-ups and pick them up from the ground.

Here is how you can reach the map the quickest way. Also, we will show you how to use the map to its full efficiency.

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How to Unlock Milky Way Map

You can actually unlock the Milky Way Map just after starting the game. So, you should get it as soon as possible. This makes the game more fun and gives you more choice on which weapon to use in your build.

When you start the game, you will have the first two stages to select from. To unlock the map, we have to play stage 2, the “Inlaid Library.” Here you need to level up your character to level 40. And getting your character to level 40 in Inlaid Library will unlock the next stage, “Dairy Plant.”

After reaching level 40, you can continue playing the game until you are defeated. Then start stage 3: Dairy Plant with any character. Here you will find a big green arrow pointing down on the screen. This arrow indicates the location of the Milky Way Map.

After you spawn on the stage, play normally to level up a few times to get stronger. That is because the Milky Way Map is pretty far away from where you spawn. Thus, if you want to survive until you reach the map, level up a bit and get a few new weapons or upgrade the ones you have.

After a few levels, you can start following the arrow. As I said before, the map is very far away, so it may seem like you are not getting close at all. But as long as you keep following the green arrow, you will reach the map eventually.

When you reach the map, a circle of enemies will show up to protect the map. However, you do not need to kill those enemies to get the map. And if you are following the arrow, chances are you won’t be strong enough to kill them either.

So, just run inside the enemies’ circle and grab the map. That will unlock the map for every level. Now you can check the map by pressing “Esc” and pausing the map.

How to Use Map

To use the map, all you have to do is press “Esc” and pause the game. Then, on the pause menu, you will find the map of the level you are on. This map will show where certain power-up items are on your stage.

But opening the map every time and checking for items can mess with the flow of your game. So to use the map more efficiently, you should turn on the “guides.”

Show guide vampire survivors
Credit: Poncle

To turn on the guides, after pressing “Esc” and pausing the game, press the “Show Guides” option on the bottom right side of the menu.

Turning the guides on will make some arrows show up on your screen. They will indicate where each of the power-up items is. This way, you don’t need to constantly pause and open the map to see where are the items that you need to pick up.

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