Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Sir Ambrojoe

Vampire Survivors add new content frequently to the game. One of the new characters added to the game is Sir Ambrojoe. Here is how you can unlock him.

Vampire Survivors is a bullet hell game that reverses the formula. In standard bullet hell, you are dodging the bullets, but you are firing all the projectiles here. You start with one weapon and get more as you level up.

Your goal is to survive until the 30 minutes mark. To aid you in this objective, you will get several weapons and upgrades as you kill more enemies and level up your character. And speaking of characters, there is a lot in the game.

All the character has a starting weapon and a passive skill. One of the newer addition to the character roster is Sir Ambrojoe. But before you can play with him, you will need to unlock him. So here is how you can unlock Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors.

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Unlocking Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Sir Ambrojoe, you must have Stage 5: Cappella Magna unlocked. If you have it unlocked, then start playing on that level. But if you don’t have it unlocked, unlock it first, then proceed on to unlocking this character.

Sir Ambrojoe in Vampire survivors
Credit: Poncle

To unlock Ambrojoe, you need to kill 6000 Stage Killers. Stage Killers are an enemy you can find on Stage 5: Cappella Magna. They start to spawn at the 21-minute mark. After killing 6000 of those enemies, you will unlock Ambrojoe, and you will be able to buy him from the character screen.

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