Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Peppino

Vampire Survivors add new content frequently to the game. One of the new characters added to the game is Peppino. Here is how you can unlock the character.

Vampire Survivors is a reverse bullet hell game. That means your character is the one who is throwing all the projectiles at the enemies instead of dodging them. In Vampire Survivors, you will face an endless wave of enemies, and your goal is to survive.

As you level up, you will get more weapons and items to complement the gameplay. Leveling is done by picking up the gems dropped by the enemies upon killing. Each time you level up, you can choose a new weapon or passive. Or you can upgrade one of your current weapons.

Vampire Survivors features many characters for you to choose and play from. And they are adding more characters frequently. The newest edition of the game is Peppino. It is a tree that you can play with. Here is how you can unlock Peppino in Vampire Survivors.

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Unlocking Peppino in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Peppino, you need to have Il Molise. Il Molise is the first bonus stage you can get in Vampire Survivors. You can open this stage by unlocking the hyper mode for at least one map of the game.

Another thing you will need is the Celestial Dusting weapon. You can go into the level and try to roll for this weapon. But the easier way to do this is by using O’Sole Meeo. O’Sole Meeo is a dog character that you unlock after killing 3000 dragon shrimps on Gallo Tower.

Peppino in Vampire Survivors
Credit: Poncle

After you get both the level and the character, we can start working on unlocking Peppino. To unlock Peppino, you have to heal 100,000 points to the plant enemies. So now, select O’Sole Meeo as the character and select Il Molise as your stage.

You don’t take any damage from the trees in Il Molise. And on top of that, your celestial dusting heals the plants. Thus, you are set up to unlock Peppino. Run around the stage to heal all the plants you come across.

After completing the 100,000 points of healing, you will hear a jingle indicating you have unlocked Peppino. Now you can quite out from the stage and buy him from the shop.

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