Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock Gyorunton

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Gyorunton is the newest character added to Vampire Survivors. He is a lot of fun to play with. Here is how you can unlock Gyorunton in the game.

Vampire Survivors is a reversed bullet hell game where you get to be the one shooting all kinds of projectiles. But shooting is no fun if there are no enemies. So you take on an endless wave of monsters and creatures as you progress through the levels. Your goal is simple; survive for thirty minutes.

Vampire Survivors has a fun and addicting gameplay loop. And on top of that, it continues to add more things to do, more items to collect, and more characters to unlock. An indie developer develops the game, and the passion really shows up in the gameplay and the constant update of it.

The newest character to join the roaster of Vampire Survivors is Gyorunton. This is a three-headed dragon that shoots three shotgun-like projectiles in front. Here is how you can unlock him in the game.

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How to Unlock Gyorunton in Vampire Survivors

Gyorunton in Vampire Survivors is a dragon with three heads. The design is more on the mystical side of things. But he looks really cool and is a great addition to play with.

Vampire Survivors Gyorunton
Credit: Poncle

Gyorunton, while not the toughest one to unlock, is not the easiest one either. To unlock this character, you have to play through the boss rush mode of the game. Boss Rush, as the name suggests, is a mode where you fight all the boss-type enemies of the game.

To unlock Gyorunton, you need to fill two conditions. These are, Survive in Boss Rush for 15 minutes with only one weapon. So you need to plan and pick carefully which weapon to use and how to survive for 15 minutes. This is quite a difficult challenge to overcome.

There are in-game options you can unlock, which limits the weapon usage to 1. This ensures that the loot loop doesn’t contain any weapon. So you can focus on upgrading your weapon and getting passives that synergize with it. After you have done the boss rush mode filling these conditions, Gyorunton will be available for purchase in the shop/character selection menu.

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