How To Unlock MissingNo in Vampire Survivors

Learn how to unlock MissingNo and the Red Death in Vampire Survivors.

MissingNo goes by many names. To be precise, it’s just a matter of capitalizing different letters. You might have seen this thing under the name “missingNo.” What are the odds? So this unique character in Vampire Survivor is a secret and mysterious one. How much mysterious, you ask? Imagine starting a stage every time with randomized stats. Seems a bit daring, innit? This creates mayhem.

Now the catch is, Devs removed MissingNo after the updated patch 0.2.12. And you can already guess that there is no way to get him back at this point. But what came after is another story.

Devs decided to sit in a round table meeting and summoned the idea of replacing MissingNo with a new character, the Mask of the Red Death, shortly, Red Death, in Vampire Survivors. Now, this Red Death is the one which we will chase after. Is this the only solution? Stick with me till the last part. I have a surprise.

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Unlocking Red Death in Vampire Survivor

Let’s start with trivia. Devs got the inspiration for Red Death from the maestro Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death. Now that the unnecessary knowledge time is over, let’s return to our voyage. 

Red Death can be unlocked after slaying Death. Now that is not an easy task, I will say. Even though he is a typical boss, things might get tricky. To start, you need to reach the time limit given for a stage. Just after that, Death will keep spawning every minute. What you can do is, freeze him to an extent. That can be done by the Clock Lancet, Orologion. Moreover, you can try out Jail of Crystal as well.

The best way should probably be using Crimson Shroud and the Infinite Corridor. Now you might wonder how to get to the Infinite Corridor. Focus on evolving the Clock Lancet to level 7. For that, you will need a Silver Ring and a Gold Ring of level 9. 

Now for the Crimson Shroud. You will be able to reach the Holy Forbidden after you have slain down Moon Trinacria in Moonglow. From Holy Forbidden, you will get the Yellow Sign. And that is not the end. You will now be able to collect Metaglio Left and Right along with Silver Ring and Gold Ring.

Now to evolve the Crimson Shroud with level 7 Laurel and Level 9 of Metaglio Right and Left. Now you are prepared to be packed to slaying Death with ease. 

Unlocking MissingNo in Vampire Survivor

I told you there would be a little surprise at the end. And here it is. Of course, you can play with MissingNo. All you have to do is play with the game application’s save file, edit a bit, and MissingNo is in your arsenal just like it never left the house. The method might seem tricky, but if you can follow it exactly the way it is, it will take a couple of minutes to do the job. Let’s dive into this:

  • Open File Explorer. Search for Vampire Survivor local files.
  • Look for the Resource folder. Then app > webpack > renderer.
  • You will see the SaveDataBackup.sav file. Make a copy of it and store it somewhere else for now.
  • Now, open it with text editor.
  • Next, search for “BoughtCharacters” and “UnlockCharacters.” Just add “FINO” at the end of these lists.
  • Now, scroll down to the end of the file. You will see a line that starts with “checksum.” You will see a long sequence of characters next to it, mostly numeric. Delete it but leave the quotation mark.
  • After that, copy the whole text. Now, go to SHA256 Online.
  • Simply paste the text from the clipboard. You will get some new characters just like the old ones. Copy it.
  • Now, paste it in the quotation mark that you left blank earlier. Save the file.
  • After that, launch Vampire Survivor.
  • Go to the options and choose Restore Backup. The game will restart.
  • Now the game will reset. After that, you will find MissingNo waiting for you, just like it never left.

If there seems to be a problem, set the Steam to offline mode first and repeat these steps. This should do the job. Otherwise, mate, get religion and have some faith.

There you go. Now you can have any of them. Let me tell you, you will have a bizarre ride with missingNo in Vampire Survivors. Till next time, Adios!

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