VALORANTs twitch rival winning team fish123’s player Ardiis under fire for allegedly cheating in-game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Winner of Twitch Rivals: VALORANT Launch showdown Europe “fish123” is now under public scrutiny as one of their former player Ardiis has been accused of using cheats in-game.

All this started when an accusation came out from a cheat maker that Ardiis has asked him privately for a VALORANT cheat. Apparently, Ardiis used this cheat to win almost all the recent VALORANT tournaments.

According to a report from medium, the cheat maker directly contacted them about how Ardiis actually reached out to this cheater to make an exclusive cheat just for him. Ardiis was also in talks with G2 esports to join their VALORANT roster.

Additionally, there are also claims out there that accuses Ardiis in match-fixing scandals. Apparently this is not the first time something like this has happened to Ardiis. Back in his Counter-Strike days, he was also accused of being involved in many match-fixing cases.

As of now, fish123 parted ways with their main operator player Ardiis. Whether or not he was actually removed from the team or he just left is still pretty unclear. Many fans were speculating that Ardiis was removed from the team.

The cheat developer also claimed that Ardiis used some kind of radar hack in his previous competitive matches in CSGO. That allowed him to accurately predict where his opponents were on the map.

However, all of these are still speculations coming from a cheat maker. Many players in the VALORANT community now want a proper investigation from Riot Games on whether or not Ardiis used any kind of cheat to get an advantage in any previous VALORANT tournaments.

Will Riot start a proper investigation?

In counter-strike, Valve is usually very strict in these scenarios. Will Riot Games also opt for a proper investigation regarding those accusations? It is hard to tell as of now. While in League of Legends, there are hardly any cases of players using cheats in-game to get an advantage over each other in professional matches.

FPS games have a bad reputation when it comes to cheaters in pro matches. The way in which Riot decides to deal with this situation will set an example of how they will deal with similar scenarios in the future.

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