VALORANT player found a spot on Split where Viper’s Ult would leave a gap where players outside can see through the Pit

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT players are reporting so many random bugs even after the game was officially launched on June 2.

Viper is one of the agents that the community deemed to be really weak from the closed beta. And even after the recent buffs, her pick rate is still not that impressive. And this latest glitch that players discovered on map Split’s B site is definitely not helping matters at all.

This glitch literally lets you get a peek inside Viper’s pit. And as a result, it would be so easy for the attacking side to notice Viper before she even figures out what is going on as you can pretty clearly see there is a huge gap between her Ult’s coverage area.

Viper’s pick rate in Riot’s twitch rival tournament was almost next to non-existent. Whereas Sage’s pick rate was close to 100%. Consequently, Riot started to Nerf Sage pretty heavily and kept Viper pretty much unchanged with some minor buffs.

In the current state of the game, there are so many broken game-breaking glitches and boosting spots that should not exist in a game that is officially released. On that note, the whole VALORANT community is currently debating over Riot’s whole monetization policies in the game.

Some are questioning whether or not there should be skins at such a high margin. However, some players are also claiming that Riot’s monetization is good enough for them. Riot Games is currently trying to fix all the recent glitches/bugs that players are constantly reporting. Hopefully, they can fix them soon in the next patch.

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