VALORANT players are complaining about how Vandal’s headshots are being counted as body shots after the latest update

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT officially launched on June 2nd even after it already had its fair share of hit registration issues in the closed beta.

With the official release, all seemed good as most players agreed that those bad hit registration problems were patched. However, with the latest patch, hit registration seems way off. Especially with Vandal, one of the most used guns in the game. As soon as the new update went live, players started to notice something is not right with Vandal.

After taking a pretty close look at this clip, it is pretty clear that Vandal’s headshots are being registered as normal body shots. As a result, players are losing 1v1 that they were supposed to win. VALORANT is already pretty difficult for beginners, and all of these hit registration issues are not helping the matter.

While this may sound like a closed-off scenario or some kind of fluke, there are more and more examples coming out as players are now starting to notice. If you thought your Vandal’s headshots are not registering properly after the latest patch, maybe you are not in the wrong here.

Another example:

Credit: u/RadialRazer

Until Riot patch this one out, you are better off using Phantom than Vandal as of now. Phantom is also a pretty competent alternative to Vandal. With a higher fire rate and more room for error, Phantom is a great option for close-quarter encounters. Although at far distances Vandal does come in handy. However, with Vandal’s current state, it is wise to use something else until Riot fixes this bug.

Riot has already had their hands full with the whole community essentially calling them out on their ridiculous monetization policies. And the recent Radianite points debacle is still wreaking havoc in the community. Riot Games needs to address these community concerns as soon as possible.

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