The whole VALORANT community is currently debating over whether or not the battle pass should give VP instead of Radianite points

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Ever since Riot released the official battle pass for VALORANT with the launch of the game on June 2nd, people were debating over the fact that the battle pass should actually give Valorant points instead of Radianite points.

Almost every other battle pass usually gives the currency from which you can rebuy the next battle pass provided that you actually reached all the way to the max level. In this case, that currency would be Valorant points. There are mainly two types of currencies in the game right now. One is Radianite and the other is their premium currency Valorant points.

Image via VALORANT intel on twitter

While Valorant points can be used to purchase things like battle pass, skins, etc, you can not do that with Radianite points. The main purpose of Radianite points is to just upgrade your favorite skins and unlock the exact color combination that you prefer for your skins.

The community wants Valorant points instead of Radianite from the battle pass

Since you do not get any Valorant points by grinding your battle pass, you won’t be able to rebuy it with when the next season inevitably drops. Now players are asking Riot to add some way to convert Radianite points to Valorant points.

Yeah. Weapon skins should level up purely by getting kills with said skin equipped. Shows a bit of mastery and prestige” a VALORANT player from the community stated his/her take on Radianite points.

Additionally, players are also complaining about Riot’s monetization of the skins in the game. There are mainly two sides to this debate.

Argument Number 1: Riot is being really greedy with their predatory monetization policies! Why don’t they give Valorant points in the battle pass so we can buy them again when the next one arrives?
As is turns out making AAA quality games requires a lot of money to run properly. After the completion of the first battle pass in the game, Riot should have enough data to see how many players are actually grinding the game to the max level. So, maybe in the future, they can fine-tune it better. And might just give us the option to get additional Valorant points.

Argument Number 2: I would buy more if it were cheaper/had more loot/etc!
Riot definitely did enough market research to figure out how many players would buy their skins at what price. They definitely did not just blindly put out a price tag without proper data to back them. Riot Games have a lot of experience when it comes to selling skins in their titles.
A good example can be League of Legends. While their skins can be really expensive, it does provide players who can not afford to buy games a chance to play the game without worrying about money.

At the end of the day, Riot is a company that is out there for a profit. They are not a charity by any means. Therefore they have to make money while keeping a large free to play player base happy. Although if players have valid complaints they should definitely let Riot know with their wallets.

While every 7 out of 10 people complain about the absurd prices of their skins, there is a silent minority who are willing to pay the absurd price so that others don’t have to. Unless you really let Riot know with your wallet that they need to change their policies, they are not going to change how they conduct their business.

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