VALORANT community wants an “accept” button in the unrated matchmaking mode

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

When Riot first released the closed beta for VALORANT on April 7th, players had one nagging complaint about the game.

The whole community kind of unanimously agrees that they need an “accept” button in unrated as well as other matchmaking modes. All of the other major online multiplayer games have similar features in a place like CSGO or Riot’s very own League of Legends. This would definitely help players who have been AFK for some time after pressing the queue button.

VALORANT unrated matchmaking
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Most players in the community are already complaining about the implementation of Riot’s matchmaking system that is apparently matching them against players with vast differences in skills. Which in turn is causing longer queue time in the game for some players.

And sometimes when the match finally starts, some players are usually AFK. As a result, everyone would have to wait a whole minute almost every time until that player finally returns to their keyboard and chooses his/her agent. It can sound like a small annoyance. But over the course of several matches in a day, it begins to really irritate players.

Having an accept button makes so much sense

In this case, the fix is really simple. What is really baffling is that Riot somehow thought it was a good idea to launch this game without an “accept” button when they finally find a match. Riot Games already has so much experience with online matchmaking with League, that is why it is so annoying to see these essential features missing from the game.

Maybe Riot is planning to add this feature when they finally introduce ranked matchmaking in the game. Although in the closed beta when they experimented with ranked matchmaking, it still did not have any accept button insight. Hopefully, they will add this button with the next patch that is due for some time now.

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