VALORANT player warns the risk of buying skins/battlepass in-game with unstable internet

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Purchasing something online with a bad internet connection can be risky some time as the transaction might get lost in the void.

Apparently this exact thing happened to a VALORANT player who was just trying to buy the latest battle pass in VALORANT. As it turns out this individual’s internet was acting up and it leads to him/her losing VALORANT points due to duplicate transactions.

VALORANT battlepass point
Image via u/Barabaratos

Although he/she later explained that this is not a direct monetary issue. Rather it is an issue regarding spending VALORANT points inside the game. According to Reddit user Barabaratos, the last Friday he/she decided to buy VALORANT points to buy some skins and maybe the battle pass in the game.

The transaction of VALORANT points was done smoothly without any error. However, when he/she decided to buy the battle pass using VP, an error occurred. Since he/she still didn’t get the battle pass, he/she decided to press the buy button once more. Usually in games, if you do not receive the item that you purchased, the game does not charge you for the item.

Although in his/her case, an error occurred which duplicated his/her purchase order. An unstable internet connection might cause you to lose your VP unintentionally. Therefore people with a janky internet connection should avoid making any purchase in-game. Unless you want to wait in Riot’s Support department for days without any response, it is always a good idea to wait until your internet connection is stable.

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