VALORANT’s Next Skin Bundle MK.VII Liberty Leaked

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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Here is everything we know about the next skin bundle, reportedly called “MK.VII Liberty” in VALORANT.

VALORANT adds new skin bundles with almost all new patches. With the current 8.02 patch ongoing, we have the Xerofang bundle themed on the Chinese Lunar New Year. However, this patch version is almost nearing the end.

Based on the VALORANT PBE schedule, the next patch should go live this week, as it is already being tested on PBE servers. Thanks to that, we have received some information about the upcoming skin bundle.

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MK.VII Liberty Skin Bundle Leaked

VALORANT patch 8.03 is currently being tested on the PBE servers. While surfing the new changes, data miners have found some interesting heads-ups about the next skin bundle. Thanks to them, we now know that the upcoming bundle will be called MK.VII Liberty.

According to ValorLeaks, the MK.VII Liberty skin bundle will contain skins for four different weapons and a melee.

Here is the list of the weapons that will be included in the bundle:

  • Vandal
  • Guardian
  • Judge
  • Operator
  • Combat Knife

Each weapon skin is reportedly to have three variants: Desert, Tundra, and Sea.

MK.VII Liberty Skin Bundle Price

As for now, the price of the MK.VII Liberty skin bundle is still unknown. However, based on the variants and upgrades, the bundle will at least belong to Premium Edition. So, expect to pay 1775 VP for each weapon skin and 3550 VP for the melee.

MK.VII Liberty Skin Bundle Release Date

MK.VII Liberty skin bundle is supposedly available with patch 8.03, which is scheduled to be released on February 21, 2024.

However, all of this information is just leaks and anticipations. No official announcement has been made yet. So, take all of these with a grain of salt.

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