VALORANT Upcoming Patch Dates Schedule

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Riot Games consistently releases patches to fix bugs or change in-game features in VALORANT. Here is everything we know about the upcoming patch dates for VALORANT.

VALORANT is a team-based tactical shooter developed by Riot Games. Riot was already successful with their MOBA title, League of Legends. Now, with its take on the FPS genre, the developers have been able to achieve the same. VALORANT has gained huge popularity thanks to Riot Games’ constant patch updates to keep the game lively.

Riot, on the other hand, does not simply create random patches and release them into the game. It’s a time-consuming process of trial and error. Riot tests patches on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) server before officially releasing them. They’ve been using PBE for LOL for a long time and have now implemented it for VALORANT as well.

Riot does not publish future patch dates in advance. However, it does release the PBE dates beforehand so the playtesters can be ready and test them in-game. And depending on the PBE dates, the final patch dates can be estimated.

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What is PBE?

The Public Beta Environment, or PBE, is Riot Games’ test server. Here, they allow selected players to check features that are estimated to be implemented in the game. The main purpose is to check if the upcoming features are suitable for official release and to fix bugs if there are any. However, the features tested in PBE are not always sure to be added in the official release.

Anyone can join PBE testing upon selection. You can apply through this official link. However, keep in mind that your account must be from the NA region.

To learn more about PBE, check out this article.

VALORANT Upcoming PBE Date Schedule

We do not know the official VALORANT patch release date. However, the PBE schedule for upcoming patches is available.

VALORANT Upcoming PBE Date Schedule

VALORANT Upcoming Patch Date Schedule

Typically, the PBE patch goes live on Friday and continues until the following Monday. After overviewing and making the necessary changes, Riot Games releases the official patches the same week on Tuesday.

Following the pattern, we can estimate the future official patch release schedule for VALORANT.

PatchPBE Open DateEstimated Patch Release Date
7.08October 5October 17
7.09October 27October 31
7.10November 3November 7
7.12December 1December 5
 8.00To Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced

7.12 will be the last patch for VALORANT Episode 7.

However, these dates are just a projected estimation based on the PBE schedule available dates and are subject to change by Riot depending on the the patch types and stability to release officially.

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