VALORANT’s executive producer just teased a new agent and data miners are certain its “Killjoy”

Riot is literally messing with us right now

VALORANT’s first act is coming to an end very soon on August 4th according to the latest reports.

Anna Donlon the executive producer of VALORANT just teased a new character who might be the next agent in VALORANT. Since she already explained in a previous developer vlog that Acts are going to be a big deal for VALORANT, the tease definitely suggests that a new agent is coming very soon with the introduction of Act 2.

Data miners are certain that it is “Killjoy”

Just right after the new patch 1.04 went live, data miners immediately started to dig through the game files. According to the leaks, new voice lines have been added to the game that strongly suggests that “Killjoy” might be the next agent in the game.

Based on the voice lines, it is clear that this new agent is some sort of young scientist. Apparently “Killjoy” will have some sort of cannon that will be an integral part of his/her abilities. Additionally, there is power-up and down sounds effects in the game files that might be for when he/she uses her/his abilities in the game.

VALORANT’s agent selection menu will also get a new introductory animation featuring killjoy. The sound effects for the agent selection menu suggest that the unique animation for Killjoy will feature him/her equipping his/her cannon.

Since the previous agent leaks were proved to be completely wrong by a Riot dev, there is a good chance that this killjoy might not be the next agent in VALORANT. However, all the leaks so far strongly suggest otherwise. Hopefully, the introduction of this new agent will spice things up in the game.

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