VALORANT’s data-mined voice line teases the next agent 19

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image via Riot Games

New data mined voice lines found in the game files may have revealed the next agent in VALORANT.

VALORANT was Riot’s first foray into the highly competitive tactical shooter market. And as it is a live service tactical shooter game with a hero shooter-like structure, Riot Games releases new characters called agents every now and then to spice things up for players.

Each new agent release leaves a significant impact on not only the gameplay but also the character meta. Meaning a new agent release is a big deal for the player base. Unsurprisingly, Riot Games is a world-class development studio that really knows how to pop up new characters with unique abilities.

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VALORANT Chamber voiceline leak
Image via Riot Games

In a recent leak, a prominent VALORANT data miner has revealed new voicelines of Chamber who is allegedly talking about a possible new agent 19.


Since Chamber who was the last agent was internally known as agent 18, it makes sense that the next agent is called 19. Also, Chamber seems to know this agent personally as he mentioned that he worked with her in the past and she is apparently from a military background.

Furthermore, the voice lines suggest this new agent will be crucial to the lore of VALORANT moving forward as she has some unique skills. Based on these voice lines, we know that the next agent will be a female with a military background.

The new VALORANT patch 3.12 also has new clues hidden in the Split map’s defender side that read “DO NOT FAIL”.

VALORANT agent teaser
Image via floxay

Aside from that, we don’t have any other info regarding this new agent. But based on Riot’s agent release schedule we should get her in the live game soon.

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