VALORANT pro announces his retirement only to get called out by a Riot dev for cheating in the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

One of the promising new professional VALORANT player “phox” suddenly announced his retirement from the game after dominating his peers in the recent tournaments.

Just right after he announced his retirement from the game, Riot’s anti-cheat developer called him out for cheating in the game. As it turns out, he didn’t quit the game for any personal or mental health issues. Riot recently caught phox and one of his teammate w3ak for cheating in the recent tournaments.

In his original tweet, he blamed mental health for his departure from the game. Furthermore, he didn’t mention the fact that he actually got caught for cheating. Instead of coming clean to his fan base, he chose to blame other health conditions for his retirement from the game. And understandably Riot devs were having none of it. They directly called out phox and w3ak for cheating in the game.

All of this began when phox and w3ak were both playing for team A.S.M.R. in the Nerd St. Gamers Open tournament. Soon after those matches, some clips emerged on the internet that made the whole pro VALORANT community very suspicious.

After Riot exposed both of them for using hacks, they finally revealed the truth and came clean to their supporters who were still supporting them. “firstly I apologize to the people who genuinely supported me or was there for me, first off I wasn’t deserving of it, never was but there were many people that were close friends to distant followers that were there for me this is most likely something you didn’t expect out of me and definitely not someone you would want to support and I have let down anyone that was ever at one point legit or not looking up to me“, phox on his final statement.

According to his final statement, phox is and was a compulsive cheater. Apparently he used to cheat in online multiplayer games when he was around 12 years old in MW2. Additionally, he also claimed that he actually used cheats in almost all the games he played since then.

Phox’s other teammate w3ak also explained that none of their teammates actually knew that both of them were cheating. And one day when both of them logged in to play VALORANT they were banned from the game.

Riot devs replied after phox revealed the truth

Developers behind Vanguard(riot’s anti-cheat solution) provided some moral support for these individuals as they were also cheaters at some point in their life. They applauded phox for coming out clean at the end. Cheating in an online multiplayer game which is also free-to-play will always going to be filled with cheaters. Consequently, the noble fight against these cheaters will be an ongoing one.

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