Everything there is to know about Crusader the next possible agent in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Currently, there are exactly eleven agents in VALORANT. And a new leak just revealed a lot of new information about who the next agent will be and what his/her utilities might bring to the table.

VALORANT is a hero shooter inspired tactical shooter game that takes its gunplay more seriously than agent abilities. However, agents like Raze are a complete contradiction to this claim as many players agree that her kits allow her to eliminate her opponents without any skills. Despite all the complaints, Riot did put in a lot of effort to make the gunplay outshine the abilities in this game.

Image via Riot Games

An agent and their utilities just bring an extra layer of depth into the game. Some players in the community think that agents and their abilities make the game significantly more beginner-friendly than some other tactical shooters like CS:GO which already has a higher barrier to entry.

Riot is already actively testing out new agents that all have unique abilities. A recent leak from a data miner just revealed some crucial information regarding one of the possible candidates for the next agent. And apparently his/her name will be “Crusader“.

The new agent will have shields?

According to the new leaks, Crusader will have some sort of Shield ability that would block incoming damage. Furthermore, this shield will also be throw-able. This might make the ability more versatile. Along with his defensive shield utility, he/she will also have a throwable grenade as an offensive option for attacking.

However, as this is all leaks, it should be taken with a grain of salt as developers usually change quite a lot about their characters before the actual release. As of now, Crusader seems very promising as the leaker suggests that there are already old audio files available in the game files. The inclusion of such a versatile agent might finally give Raze a run for her money.

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