How to practice peeking corners in VALORANT’s practice range

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image via u/rehnlol

VALORANT launched with its practice range which came with a shooting range, parkour mini-game, etc, and more right out of the gate.

Even though VALORANT’s practice range has different options to practice on bots, it still doesn’t have an option to practice peeking corners. Since many players are still new to the whole tactical shooter genre where peeking a corner is an essential skill, having a dedicated option to practice it would really help new players a lot.

However, as of now, there is no dedicated option in the firing range to practice peeking corners. Recently a player found out a workaround that will help new and veteran players to practice their wall peeking skills in the practice range.

How to access this mode:

From this clip you can clearly see that to get to this part of the practice range you will need Jett. Only Jett can reach this unreachable part of the training range by using her utilities to literally hover outside of the map.

VALORANT practice range
Image via Riot Games

After reaching that particular point, you can use the gap between the window to practice hitting headshots while peeking corners in the game. Games like VALORANT are totally different from other popular casual titles like Fortnite, Apex, COD warzone, etc.

You have to learn a lot of new tricks like shoulder peeking, not running around while shooting, strafing, learning all the different call outs, etc. Usually, skills from other games like Call of duty don’t translate well into this game. Therefore, it is necessary for new players who are interested in getting into this game to practice their aim, as well as different call-outs in the game.

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