Riot developer explains to a cheater why he received a permanent HWID ban in VALORANT

One time cheaters only got a 90-day suspension

Riot launched VALORANT side by side with Vanguard as their in house anti-cheat solution developed from the ground up to combat cheaters in a free-to-play FPS game in this day and age.

Vanguard was quite controversial in the closed beta phase as Riot’s intrusive approach made some players in the community really concerned about their data privacy and security. However, as it turns out, this kernel-level intrusive approach really works well when it comes to catching cheaters in VALORANT.

In the closed beta, Vanguard managed to catch some cheaters who were using cheats in the game. Consequently, Riot used their ban hammer to manually “soulban” them from the game. After players started to get hit with the very first ban wave, these cheaters started to reach out to the devs directly to beg for their accounts.

Furthermore, devs explained that those who only cheated one time to test the cheats in the closed beta will be spared. However, repeated offenders will get no mercy from Riot Games. Following this, a cheater recently reached out to Phillip, one of the devs behind Vanguard to unban him from the game as he only used cheats back in the closed beta.

Repeated abusers will get no mercy

Valorant cheaters banned
Image via Riot Games

According to Phillip, players who only used the cheat one time in the closed beta automatically had a 90-day expiry date to their ban by default. However, second-timers received a permanent ban from the game. If any cheaters who cheated during the closed beta are still confused about why they are still banned from the game, now you know.

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So, cheaters who used these cheats twice in a row will never be able to play VALORANT on their PC anymore. Judging by their strong stand against the cheaters seems like Riot won’t lift their ban any time soon.


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